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Recap: Falling Into You (Ep. 6)

Zhi Sheng isn’t afraid to admit his feelings for Zi Tong to everyone except her. While he tries to show her he cares, she’s single-mindedly focused on getting back into taekwondo. Zhi Sheng and Tian Lin run into each other again.


Zi Tong and Qian Ni spar while their coach, Zi Tong’s mother, watches. Zi Tong kicks and Qian Ni counters with her own in a move that seems like premonition of the kick she would use against Zi Tong later in their final competition. They smile at each other.

Afterward, Zi Tong guesses that Qian Ni was trying imitate their coach with that kick. Qian Ni smiles and says, “You caught me.” Zi Tong points out that Qian Ni is the only person who idolizes Cai Feng to the point of imitating her in this way.

Zi Tong asks Qian Ni to cover for her later: she wants to go out with Ting Wei and his friends to the night market. Qian Ni asks if Zi Tong is afraid of getting fat and affecting her weight class. Zi Tong shrugs and says she’ll worry about losing the weight tomorrow. Qian Ni agrees to cover for her and Zi Tong hugs her, saying she’s the best.

Qian Ni asks about the sponsorship that Ting Wei’s father wanted to give Zi Tong. Zi Tong responds that her mother wouldn’t let her accept it because it would distract her, but there will be other opportunities.

Before Zi Tong can slip out, her mother approaches and frowns at her, saying that she needs to stay behind for extra training. Zi Tong tries to use an excuse that she needs to study with classmates for school, and eyes Qian Ni, trying to get her to help. Qian Ni asks if she can get extra training instead. Cai Feng snaps that Qian Ni’s training can wait, but is full of criticism for every little thing Zi Tong did wrong earlier and how she’s getting fatter. Qian Ni’s face falls. Cai Feng doesn’t let Zi Tong leave.

Later, Qian Ni is heading out when she overhears Cai Feng talking to Da Quan. Da Quan asks what will happen to Quan Ni. Cai Feng says she has no choice — the dojang’s resources are limited and she must focus on Zi Tong. Zi Tong is the one with a real chance of going to the Olympics. Da Quan tries to convince Cai Feng to think about it some more, but Qian Ni has heard enough.

She walks away, looking betrayed, then gets a phone call from a coach from another dojang. She remembers how Cai Feng said she wasn’t good enough, then picks up and accepts the coach’s invitation to join the other dojang.

At lunchtime, Zhi Sheng checks out Zi Tong’s lunch with an excited smile, only to frown when he sees that all she brought was a sad-looking salad and a banana. He opens his door to talk to her, but then closes it again and spies through a crack as Mi Ya invites Zi Tong to go out to lunch with the other employees. Jia Qi frowns and jealously points out that Zi Tong already did a lunch exchange with Zhi Sheng. Zi Tong says that she can take her lunch if she wants. Jia Qi is ready to do so, but then Zhi Sheng opens his door again and orders Zi Tong to join him for lunch.

Zhi Sheng waves Zi Tong’s sad lunch around and asks, “Where’s the meat?” Zi Tong pulls out an onigiri. That’s the meat. Zhi Sheng is appalled.

Yu Qian pokes his head in to invite Zhi Sheng out to lunch. Zhi Sheng pushes Zi Tong’s lunch in Yu Qian’s hands, then says that he and Zi Tong will go out. But Zi Tong twists him arm behind his back as he walks by and forces him back. She grabs her own lunch from Yu Qian and says she already has lunch — they can go out to eat by themselves.

Zhi Sheng rubs his sore shoulder and asks who Zi Tong is trying to K.O. (Ha, get it, because he starred in the K.O. One series?)

At lunch, Yu Qian asks Zhi Sheng if he likes Zi Tong and is surprised when Zhi Sheng doesn’t deny it. Don’t drama leads always start out denying that they like someone? Zhi Sheng’s approach to love and business is the same, but he’s a bit miffed by why she won’t accept his goodwill. He brought her lunch because he wanted to help her save money. Why won’t she accept it? She’s too independent.

Yu Qian points out that Zi Tong is different from all the women Zhi Sheng has met before. Trying to win her over with food won’t work. Zhi Sheng asks if he has any other ideas. Yu Qian smiles — Zhi Sheng has asked the right person. After all, he’s the one who is ready to propose his girlfriend. Zhi Sheng jokingly pretends he never realized Yu Qian had a girlfriend. But of course, he knows that Yu Qian has a girlfriend — he’s been dating the same person since college. Zhi Sheng is ready to listen to Yu Qian’s opinions, but Yu Qian is now annoyed and doesn’t want to tell him anymore.

So Zhi Sheng ends up consulting the internet for advice on dating a cold woman. He’s dismayed when Google tells him that he must be prepared to suffer emotional abuse. What kind of crappy search results are these? He decides to look up “how to pursue a facially paralyzed woman” instead.

Zi Tong trains by swimming. Meanwhile, Cai Feng trains Qian Ni but is full of criticism and disapproving of everything she does. At one point, she asks if Qian Ni doesn’t understand or is just incapable. Then she says, “If Zi Tong were here, she wouldn’t have this problem.”

That gets Qian Ni’s attention. Qian Ni reminds Cai Feng that she’s Wu Qian Ni, not Chen Zi Tong. She doesn’t want to be compared to her. Cai Feng smirks then says that Qian Ni should prove it with her actions. “Don’t tell me you’re no better than an injured person?”

Qian Ni demands to know how she’s any worse than Zi Tong. Cai Feng approaches her and says she should know. She needs to choose — actor or athlete? She can only be one. Cai Feng turns away and tells her to go again. Qian Ni glares but continues to train. Ke Ting Wei watches from the doorway.

Afterward, Ting Wei tries to cheer Qian Ni up by saying that her coach had gone overboard. He tries to convince her to leave. He’ll find her a better coach. But Qian Ni doesn’t want to leave. She doesn’t care if her coach always talks about Zi Tong; she’s determined to win the gold medal and prove that she’s better. Ting Wei tells Qian Ni some good news — he’s convinced his father to make Qian Ni the spokesperson for their brand.

Tian Lin idly plays with the worn coin that Fang Qing gave him, smiling slightly as he recalls a memory from his time at the resort. Da Quan had come by and tried to convince Tian Lin to come home, but Tian Lin had refused. He didn’t want to go to a sports college — he wanted to study journalism and become a journalist. His father had said he was too impulsive to be a journalist, but Tian Lin didn’t care. He wanted to decide his own life. If his father and sister wanted to be his mother’s puppet, that’s their business, but he refused to be a part of it and cursed at his father. His father slapped him, then left.

Fang Qing had seen the whole thing and called Tian Lin out for being rude to his father. Tian Lin had petulantly accused her of eavesdropping, but she said they were even. He had also eavesdropped on her last time when she broke up with her boyfriend over the phone.

Fang Qing had told Tian Lin he should go home and try to talk to his mother, but he thought it was a pointless endeavor. He didn’t know what to do. Fang Qing had pulled out her coin and said that in times of indecision, it’s best to leave it to fate. She said that if the coin landed on heads, he would have to go home. Tails, and he could stay. The coin landed on heads.

Fang Qing told Tian Lin to go home, but could tell he seemed unhappy about it. She put her arm around his neck and tried to encourage him. He should at least apply to colleges first — he could pick his major later after he got in. Sometimes you have to bend down low to jump high. She believed that even if the adults said he couldn’t do it, he could prove them wrong.

Now, Tian Lin continues to wonder about Fang Qing. She said she wasn’t married, but then who was she cooking for at home? A boyfriend?

Fang Qing cackles to herself on the couch while eating chips. Zhi Sheng sighs as he watches her and asks if she thinks she’ll be able to find a husband when she gives off such an old auntie vibe. Fang Qing pouts that Zhi Sheng is trying to get rid of her. Zhi Sheng begs her to be a bit more serious about finding a significant other, reminding her that she’s already 40. He just wants her to be happy.

Fang Qing says she’s plenty happy with her job as a teacher and living with a handsome young man like him. Zhi Sheng asks what she’ll do if he gets married. Fang Qing suddenly perks up with excitement. Marriage? Does he like someone?

Zhi Sheng is done with the conversation and starts to walk away, but Fang Qing drags him back, wanting to know who it is. She guesses that he likes his assistant. Zhi Sheng sighs and nods. Fang Qing jumps in excitement and asks to see a photo. Zhi Sheng says she’s already seen her — she was the waitress at the restaurant where Fang Qing had her group date.

Fang Qing gasps, delighted, then asks when Zhi Sheng is going to bring her home. Zhi Sheng turns away again, but Fang Qing grabs his shoulders and wants to know what base he’s at. Should she get ready to buy baby’s clothes?! Zhi Sheng says he’s still on the bench. Fang Qing turns away in disappointment. So it’s only a crush?

Zhi Sheng tries to ask his aunt for girl advice, but Fang Qing seems to have decided he’s a hopeless cause and tells him that he’s blocking the TV.

Zhi Sheng, Yu Qian, and Zi Tong head out after a successful meeting with the Mingtong folks. Zi Tong gets a notification on her phone and tells them to go ahead without her — there’s a delivery she needs to pick up from the building next door. Zhi Sheng starts to protest, but Zi Tong points out that she’s on her lunch break. She pulls her courier uniform out of her bag: “Opportunities come to those who are prepared.”

The elevators in the building are all out of service, so Zi Tong decides to take the stairs — all twelve flights — in her pumps. Zhi Sheng insists on waiting for Zi Tong in the lobby of the Mingtong building. When she still hasn’t returned after a while, he insists on going to look for her.

Yu Qian thinks that Zhi Sheng might be overstepping his bounds, but Zhi Sheng claims that he’s just showing concern for his employee. “What about me?” Yu Qian asks. Zhi Sheng tells him to go schedule the meeting with President He.

When Zhi Sheng gets to the building that Zi Tong is in, the elevator is working just fine. Zi Tong is exhausted by the time she reaches the eighth floor and her pumps are giving her blisters. She takes them off and keeps climbing, barefoot.

Ting Wei is in a meeting with Qian Ni and some of his father’s company representatives. He gets a text from his friend, saying that he put up the out of service elevator signs and confirmed that Zi Tong has taken the stairs. Ting Wei asks if his friend is certain that this will make Qian Ni happy. The friend reassures him that playing this kind of joke to get Zi Tong is just what Qian Ni needs to cheer her up. An employee drops by telling Ting Wei that the courier is almost here. Ting Wei excitedly pulls Qian Ni out of the meeting, saying that something fun is about to happen.

They run into Zhi Sheng in the hallway and Ting Wei is surprised. Where’s Zi Tong? Zhi Sheng asks if they’re the ones who made the courier request. Qian Ni asks him what he means. Zhi Sheng asks Ting Wei where Zi Tong is. Ting Wei smirks and says she should be in the stairwell. Zhi Sheng frowns and heads toward the stairs. Qian Ni frowns and asks Ting Wei what he’s done, but he just smiles and takes her hand, telling her that she’ll soon find out.

Zhi Sheng looks around the empty stairwell and is relieved that Zi Tong didn’t take the stairs. But then she slowly drags herself up the last flight and he rushes to her, concerned. Why didn’t she take the elevator? She responds that it was out of service. Then she asks how he got up here.

But Ting Wei and Qian Ni show up. Ting Wei smirks when he sees Zi Tong and condescendingly tries to give her some extra money. Zhi Sheng blocks his way. So he was the one who made Zi Tong think the elevator was broken so she would have to climb the stairs? Zi Tong stares at Ting Wei and asks in a dangerously quiet voice what Zhi Sheng means.

Ting Wei feigns innocence, claiming his friend called the delivery for him. How was he supposed to know it would be Zi Tong who would show up? Zi Tong points out that this request was specifically for her. Ting Wei looks away.

Zhi Sheng turns to Qian Ni and says that he doesn’t know what happened between her and Zi Tong, but he won’t allow his company’s platform to be used to harass one of his employees. Qian Ni starts to protest that she didn’t know about any of this. Ting Wei interrupts and acknowledges that it was him. So what? He’s a paying customer. Zhi Sheng punches him. Qian Ni breaks them up before a fight can escalate.

Zi Tong turns to Qian Ni and asks if she’s happy now. Or does she want to see her limp? She’s already Chongyun’s star and her mother’s favored athlete. What else does she want? Instead of spending her time messing with her, maybe she should focus on training instead. Or does she think that she’s better than her just because she replaced her?

Qian Ni narrows her eyes and points out all the times she covered for Zi Tong while she snuck out on dates. Zi Tong is the one who didn’t focus on training and that’s why she’s become like this. She only has herself to blame.

Zhi Sheng comments that it looks like the gossip about Qian Ni purposely injuring Zi Tong seems true. He goes over to Zi Tong and murmurs, “Let’s go.” Zi Tong wonders about the delivery, but Zhi Sheng says he’ll take care of it. He leads her away, but not before reminding Qian Ni that what’s stolen will always have to be returned eventually, and what doesn’t belong to her never will.

After they leave, Ting Wei tries to explain himself to Qian Ni, but she snaps at him, reminding him that she doesn’t want him getting involved when it comes to her and Zi Tong. She storms away.

In the elevator, Zi Tong sighs that Zhi Sheng always seems to see her at her lowest points. He smirks and responds that’s because fate wants him to help her. She gives him a disgusted look, then says that she can take care of her own business. He turns to her, exasperated, and asks why she always insists on doing everything herself and refuses help. He’s unable to form coherent sentences in his frustration and she raises an eyebrow at him. He starts ranting about how the way she’s acting makes it difficult for him to follow through on the company motto of being family.

Zhi Sheng makes Zi Tong go down to the parking garage with him, where he graffitis Ting Wei’s car. He tries to get her to draw on it, but she refuses. He asks why. She says that she doesn’t want anything to do with them. He calls her a coward.

She says she’s not, but he says she is. It’s impossible that she actually doesn’t care about what they do, but she chooses to silently let it go because she believes that no one cares about her anger or her feelings. He tells her that she’s given up on herself, and that’s why she pretends she doesn’t care. But he cares. He tells her to take the marker and go write everything she wants to say on Ting Wei’s car, and then let it all go. No matter what happened in the past, she needs to move forward. She can’t let herself act like the lead character in a tragedy. She needs to get better and return to competition. She shouldn’t hold herself back because of people like this.

Zi Tong grabs the marker, saying, “I’m not a coward.”

She scribbles “bastard” on Ting Wei’s car, then calls him a cheater cross his windshield. Zhi Sheng reads what she’s writing and mutters that he should’ve thrown in some extra punches earlier. Zi Tong finishes her message with, “Give me back my five stars!” Zhi Sheng asks whether her point is the break-up or the five stars.

“Five stars, of course,” Zi Tong responds. Zhi Sheng asks if Ting Wei was Zi Tong’s first love. “So what if he is?” she asks. He says it doesn’t matter — he doesn’t mind. She stares at him. “About what?”

Zhi Sheng awkwardly backtracks and tries to say that what he means is she shouldn’t care too much about jerks like Ting Wei. She gives him a weird look and starts walking away.

Zhi Sheng notices Zi Tong limping and picks her up on his back. She protests, but he asks if she would prefer he carry her bridal-style instead. That makes her shut up. He shifts her weight while turning his head and somehow they end up kissing. (LOL how does that even happen?)

Zhi Sheng turns away and they both freeze for a moment. Zi Tong breaks the silence by saying that she doesn’t need to go to the hospital. He insists that she does and walks off.

While Zhi Sheng waits at the hospital, he calls Yu Qian and says that he wishes he were an owl. Then he could turn his head 270 degrees and he wouldn’t have kissed only half. Yu Qian gasps — he kissed Zi Tong? Zhi Sheng says he only half-kissed her. Does that count?

Zhi Sheng asks Yu Qian to help him look up a bunch of different ways to confess. Yu Qian reminds him that it’s work hours, but Zhi Sheng doesn’t care. He needs the ideas by tonight. Yu Qian says that he’s been really busy and besides, he’s preparing to propose. Zhi Sheng tells him he’s not allowed to. At least, not until Zhi Sheng’s own love life is more stable. Yu Qian gets annoyed and says that he’s going to propose tonight.

Dr. Du laughs that Zi Tong came to him for a blister, and Zi Tong apologizes, saying that her boss insisted. He doesn’t mind — he can tell how much Zhi Sheng cares about her. Dr. Du tells Zi Tong some good news: a top orthopedic surgeon is coming to Taiwan for a conference. There’s a chance Dr. Du can get Zi Tong lined up as one of his surgical patients while he’s here. Then she won’t need to go to America for her surgery.

Zi Tong smiles hopefully and keeps smiling as she leaves Dr. Du’s office. Zhi Sheng is surprised to see her smiling so broadly and asks what the good news is. She excitedly says that the doctor who can fix her leg is coming. Soon, she can do taekwondo again. She’ll be able to return to competition!

Zhi Sheng can’t resist dropping a cheesy line about her smile: “You got a little something there.” “A little what?” “A little cute!”

Zi Tong is unamused and her smile immediately drops back into her usual frown. Zhi Sheng tries asking about the doctor and surgery again, but Zi Tong is done talking to him.

Ting Wei chases after Qian Ni, asking her to not be angry with him. She calls him childish and reminds him that she wants to prove she’s better than Zi Tong using her abilities. They go to Ting Wei’s car. He’s upset to find the graffiti and immediately pulls out his phone to call the police. Qian Ni snatches it away, telling him to stop making more trouble.

Tian Lin has been investigating Mingtong Group, the company Zhi Sheng has been trying to do business with. He suspects there’s bribery and embezzlement happening within the company, but the company’s former employees are unwilling to say anything. The secrecy suggests that there’s powerful people or a lot of money involved. Tian Lin is confident he can get to the bottom of it, and his editor friend agrees to give him a special feature if he gets the story. He tells Tian Lin to be careful.

On Tian Lin’s way out of the editor’s office, he runs into a rival journalist. Tian Lin tries to ignore him, but the man insists on taunting Tian Lin — Tian Lin’s not still angry about the exclusive story he stole from him, is he? Tian Lin responds that he wouldn’t care if the journalist had been unbiased with his reporting. The man points out that the editor approved of the story, so if Tian Lin has a problem, he should go to him. Tian Lin glances back toward the editor, who looks away uncomfortably.

The rival journalist laughs and says that he won’t make a fuss because Tian Lin’s father was his senior. But next time, Tian Lin should remember to call him Uncle Feng Liang. Tian Lin walks away without saying anything. Feng Liang calls out a reminder that sounds more like a warning for Tian Lin to protect his exclusive stories a bit better.

Fang Qing calls Tian Lin and asks him to hurry over to the school. Xin Yan has gotten into a fight.

Xin Yan yells at one of her classmates, saying that her father is a reporter, not a paparazzi. The boy responds that all reporters are paparazzi. The two continue yelling at each other while Fang Qing tries to get them to stop. Fang Qing’s coworker — the man from the group date — suggests that he take the boy outside so both kids can calm down. But the boy breaks free and runs toward Xin Yan. Fang Qing shields her, and the boy bites her arm. Fang Qing reflexively pushes him away, right as his mother arrives.

The boy’s mother gets mad at Fang Qing for pushing her son. Her son claims that both Xin Yan and Fang Qing were bullying him. Xin Yan says that the boy was the one who made fun of her dad and bit Fang Qing, but the mother insists that her boy would never be so rude.

Fang Qing starts to try and explain the situation, but then Tian Lin arrives and rushes to Xin Yan. The boy’s mother accuses Xin Yan of hitting her son and asks Tian Lin what he’s going to do about it. Tian Lin says that it’s not possible — Xin Yan would never attack someone without reason. He says that her son must have provoked her.

Xin Yan looks up at her father and echoes what the boy said about him being an uneducated paparazzi. Tian Lin looks the boy’s mother in the eye and lists out his educational background, which includes undergraduate and graduate studies at top universities. The mother can’t say anything to that and instead shows Tian Lin a bruise on the boy’s arm. Xin Yan shows her own arm, telling her father that the boy couldn’t beat her so he bit her instead.

The mother looks uncomfortable, then tries to claim that her son was acting in self-defense. She accuses all of them of trying to bully her and her son and takes her son away, saying that they’ll go tell her husband what happened. It’s not worth talking to these uneducated people.

Fang Qing looks apologetic and watches as Tian Lin treats the bite on Xin Yan’s arm. She blows sympathetically while Tian Lin asks Xin Yan if it hurts. Xin Yan takes it like a champion, saying it doesn’t hurt. Her aunt told her that if she doesn’t cry, then it doesn’t hurt. Fang Qing says that she should actually cry when she’s hurt instead of holding it in. The hurt will go away after she cries. Xin Yan doesn’t understand.

Tian Lin smiles and tells Fang Qing that her words are unconvincing. She’s the kind of person who always tries to put on a brave face. Even when she’s upset, she tries to care for others first. For someone like her to tell Xin Yan she shouldn’t try and be brave is pretty unconvincing. Fang Qing is confused.

“You don’t remember me, Sunny?” Tian Lin asks with a smile. He reminds her of the resort she worked at and how she was dumped. Fang Qing suddenly gasps and excitedly recalls who he is: the moron who ran away from home. Tian Lin smiles — she doesn’t remember his name yet she remembers the name she used to yell at him?

Fang Qing makes sure to clarify with Xin Yan that she’s not yelling at her father right now, then beams at Tian Lin. How long has it been? Twenty years? Tian Lin corrects her — thirteen years. She never thought that he would be married now. He says he never thought she would still be single. She asks why he didn’t say anything before. He claims he couldn’t find the right opportunity.

Xin Yan asks what they’re talking about. She doesn’t understand any of it.

Tian Lin remembers that Fang Qing also got bit and insists on treating her injury. Fang Qing smiles thoughtfully, saying that he’s changed. When he was younger, he would’ve told her to just deal with it before getting the first-aid kit. Tian Lin says that he was immature then. Now, he would just say what he thinks to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

Tian Lin offers Xin Yan his hand as they leave school. She takes it with a bright smile, then takes Fang Qing’s hand as well and the three of them walk together.

Zhi Sheng is driving by Fang Qing’s school when he does a double take at the sight of her walking with Tian Lin and Xin Yan. He recognizes Tian Lin as the person who said he was responsible for Zi Tong.

Zhi Sheng drives haphazardly across the street and gets out of his car, greeting his aunt as, “Darling.” She’s surprised to see him. Zhi Sheng reminds Fang Qing of their “date” later tonight, then turns toward Tian Lin with a fake smile. Fang Qing is confused.

Zhi Sheng thinks Tian Lin is two-timing, trying to hit on his aunt while also pursuing Zi Tong. Tian Lin frowns, wondering if Zhi Sheng is Fang Qing’s boyfriend.

Fang Qing starts to introduce Zhi Sheng, who interrupts her and puts an arm around her shoulders, saying that he’s an “important person” to her. Fang Qing tries to introduce Tian Lin, who interrupts and says, “I never thought I’d see you here,” to Zhi Sheng. Zhi Sheng says likewise and they shake hands while each try to crush the other.

Zhi Sheng continues to try and imply that he and Fang Qing are going to go on an elaborate date, then drags her off. She leaves with him with a confused look.

In the car, Fang Qing asks why Zhi Sheng pretended to be her boyfriend. Zhi Sheng says he’s just trying to protect her from scumbags. Fang Qing thinks he’s being extra, but Zhi Sheng points out that it’s pretty scummy for Tian Lin to hit on her when he already has a daughter. Fang Qing says Zhi Sheng is thinking too much. Zhi Sheng says she’s thinking too little. She didn’t notice the way Tian Lin was looking at her.

Tian Lin broods as he and Xin Yan walk down the street. Xin Yan tugs on his hand and asks if Zhi Sheng is Fang Qing’s boyfriend. Then she asks if Tian Lin likes Fang Qing. He asks why she thinks that. She says that after Zhi Sheng showed up, Tian Lin’s eyebrows looked like they were glued together. She says that tons of kids in her class like Fang Qing. Some of them draw hearts on the board, some of them write love letters, and some of them fight. “Kids are so much trouble,” she says.

Zi Tong gets a call from Dr. Du — the visiting surgeon has agreed to take her on. She beams and thanks him. But then her smile drops slightly and she sighs when she gets the text from him with the estimate of how much it’ll cost.

Zi Tong thinks about how she’s still $28,000 NTD short. She brings Zhi Sheng some snacks with his coffee in the morning and looks nervous. He asks why she picked them — she’s noticed that he always eats them during meetings. Zhi Sheng smiles to himself, wondering if she’s doing this because he’s her boss, or because she’s realized his intentions and wants to reciprocate. Zi Tong wonders if this is the right way to go about borrowing money from him.

Zhi Sheng wonders what Zi Tong is thinking. Is she too shy to say something and that’s why she’s hesitating? They both reach for cookies at the same time and end up touching hands. They both jump back. Zi Tong hastily grabs the cookies and takes them away without saying anything.

Zhi Sheng smiles to himself, thinking she’s being shy. Zi Tong goes back to her desk and angrily eats a wafer. She can’t do it. She’ll have to think of something else.

Zi Tong gets a call from her brother and goes outside to meet up with him and Xin Yan. Xin Yan rushes to her and asks if she missed her. She thinks that she missed Zi Tong more than Zi Tong missed her.

The three of them go out to eat and Xin Yan chatters happily about her new school, the annoying boy in class, and her pretty teacher. While she eats, Zi Tong comments that Tian Lin and Xin Yan seem to be getting along pretty well. He nods and asks her how she’s doing. Is she still working at the convenience store? Zi Tong tells him that she resigned so she can prepare for her surgery. He’s surprised by the news — so she still wants to do taekwondo?

Zi Tong nods. All she thinks about every day is how to get back to competition. Xin Yan asks if surgery will hurt. Zi Tong smiles and says that it will, but afterward, she’ll be able to wear her taekwondo uniform again.

Tian Lin frowns. He doesn’t understand why Zi Tong still wants to do taekwondo after it’s taken so much from her. She responds that she also doesn’t understand why Tian Lin insisted on becoming a journalist, to the point where he fought with their mother and ran away from him. Tian Lin nods — dreams can be dangerous.

He reminds Zi Tong that surgeries aren’t 100% successful, what if — Zi Tong interrupts, saying that she knows. But then at least she will have tried, and won’t have any regrets. Tian Lin tells her to let him know if she needs any help.

Zhi Sheng and Yu Qian are also in the cafe, and Zhi Sheng fumes as he spies on Zi Tong and Tian Lin. He mutters that what’s his is his and he won’t let anyone else have it.

Later, Zi Tong says goodbye to Xin Yan and Tian Lin. Xin Yan makes her promise to come to her test. Zi Tong tells Tian Lin that she’ll try to return his money as soon as possible. He says there’s no rush and suggests asking their father for the remaining amount, but Zi Tong doesn’t want to trouble their parents. It’s why she left home in the first place.

Zhi Sheng and Yu Qian continue to spy on Zi Tong and Tian Lin. Zhi Sheng freaks out when he sees Tian Lin put his hand on Zi Tong’s shoulder, and then brush her hair out of her face.

Zhi Sheng continues to fume over Tian Lin and Zi Tong while at home. He tries to casually ask his aunt if Tian Lin has been trying to get close to her lately. She asks why he’s so fixated on Tian Lin, and guesses that it has something to do with Zi Tong. Zhi Sheng rants about how he’s trying to pursue two women while married with a child.

Fang Qing clarifies a few things: Tian Lin is divorced, she’s Xin Yan’s teacher and she’s nearly twelve years older than Tian Lin, and she has no interest in dating or getting married right now. So Zhi Sheng shouldn’t lump her together with him. That manages to distract Zhi Sheng, who says that age shouldn’t matter. He wants to know why Fang Qing doesn’t want to date or get married. Fang Qing says that she has things she needs to do, and tells Zhi Sheng to worry about his own assistant. She doesn’t need to be in love to be happy, and just because Zhi Sheng has jumped into the “river of love” doesn’t mean he needs to drag her in with him.

The next day, Zhi Sheng finds Zi Tong asleep on the rooftop. He quietly sits down next to her with a smile. Her phone chimes and he sneaks a peek at the screen, where a text from Tian Lin says that the money has been transferred and that she should tell him when her surgery date is finalized — he’ll go with her. Zhi Sheng fixates on the money part.

“You’re borrowing money from him?” he asks. Zi Tong jumps awake.


The Qian Ni and Ting Wei drama bores me and it looks like there’s some set-up for Tian Lin and Zhi Sheng being pitted against each other on the business side of things (any Mingtong investigation will probably drag Zhi Sheng’s company down, right?), but give me more of Fang Qing, Tian Lin, Xin Yan, Zi Tong, and Zhi Sheng in any combination any day! Xin Yan continues to be precious. I love how Fang Qing is all “I don’t need a man to be happy.” This petty jealousy and misunderstanding between Tian Lin and Zhi Sheng is hilarious and I don’t mind if they play it up even more.

Also, I love how Zi Tong acted like nothing happened after she and Zhi Sheng “kissed.” She is completely unflappable.


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  1. I have been refreshing this page at least 11 times today. Super elated to see that you have posted your recap. I think zi tong is super cool and zi sheng is dorky in an eandearing way. Can’t wait for next week! Thank you for being awesome & for making my day!!!


  2. I asked myself the same question about the accidental kiss part (I LOL’ed when you pointed it out). I guess dramas like this are never complete without it, even if this one breaks most of the drama cliches.
    I love that Zhi Sheng is trying so hard to win Zi Tong over. But she’s too dense to even see how different he treats her more than everyone else..I agree with the confusion between Zhi Sheng and Tian Lin..It could result into lots of awkward and funny scenes..Which I’m so up for..


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