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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 46)

Si Feng remains stubbornly optimistic about his chances of saving Xuan Ji. Wu Zhi Qi proves to be a strong ally. With his help, maybe things aren’t so impossible.


Si Feng has seen that Xuan Ji is somehow both the God of War and Mosha Star. He doesn’t know how or why, but he knows that the heavenly realm must have something to do with it and it must have to do with her nine lives. He must prevent the two stars Luohou and Jidu from meeting. Yi Huan is frustrated with Si Feng. The heavenly realm has been messing with Xuan Ji for nine lives, but she’s been messing with him for nine lives. Si Feng says that for him, he if he dies, that’s just another life he’s missed. But for Xuan Ji, if she becomes Mosha Star, she will never be free.

Yi Huan asks if Si Feng is pretending to be dumb or actually dumb. Does he think he can prevent the stars from joining? Si Feng acknowledges that he can’t do it alone. That’s why he needs help.

Yi Huan says that he can’t help Si Feng, but Si Feng wasn’t looking for his help anyway. He wants Wu Zhi Qi to help. Yi Huan doesn’t understand why Wu Zhi Qi would help — certainly, he also wants Mosha Star to be resurrected? Unless Si Feng has a plan to trick him? Si Feng knows that if he wants to work with Wu Zhi Qi, he has to be sincere. He asks Yi Huan to help him prepare some food and wine so he can meet with him.

Ling Long finds Xuan Ji and shows her the wedding dresses that were made for their joint wedding. But the sight of the wedding dresses only makes Xuan Ji more upset and she runs off.

Xuan Ji goes straight to Hao Chen and asks why he lied to her. He said that he knew she wouldn’t be able to kill Si Feng, so that’s why he decided to help her out. He says he’s doing this for her own good, but she’s rightfully skeptical. He wants her to train the Youqing technique, but also be heartless? She can’t do it.

Hao Chen reminds her that they are the ones who are fated to be together. It’s heaven’s mandate. But Xuan Ji says that there is nothing in the world that is mandated by heaven. If there were, why would she and Si Feng meet for nine lives? If anything, it’s fate playing a cruel joke.

Hao Chen asks if she would really pick that doomed relationship with Si Feng over staying by his side. Xuan Ji says that there is no doomed or fated when it comes to love. She’s hated herself for loving Si Feng before, but once she’s given that love, she can’t take it back, and she can’t give it to anyone else. She says that she’ll explain to everyone else when it comes to their marriage.

Xuan Ji turns to leave, but Hao Chen says that if she doesn’t want to get married, he won’t force her. He will explain to everyone for them, but he reminds her that he is still her senior. She recognizes that — he will always be the person she respects the most. Hao Chen reminds her of her oath to protect the secret place and the Liuli lamp. Mosha Star must not be allowed to return. He’s made it clear that he plans on defying heaven’s will, so if the Liuli lamp is ever at threat of falling into the wrong hands, Xuan Ji must destroy it herself. Only the God of War can do it. The Liuli lamp must be destroyed to protect the world and to ensure that Si Feng never becomes a devil.

Xuan Ji swears that if that day comes, she will personally destroy the lamp.

Wu Zhi Qi meets with Si Feng, who readily admits that he rescued Wu Zhi Qi not to bring the demons back into power, but because of his own personal matters. Wu Zhi Qi laughs, finding Si Feng’s straightforwardness refreshing. Either he’s dumb, or he’s very smart. But Wu Zhi Qi doesn’t care either way, because he owes his life to him. He’ll grant Si Feng three requests.

Si Feng asks Wu Zhi Qi to never give Juntian Cehai to Yuan Lang. Wu Zhi Qi tells Si Feng he has no need to worry about that, but he has three questions he wants to ask Si Feng, but it’s more like three statements: he doesn’t want Yuan Lang to have Juntian Cehai because he doesn’t want him to open the Liuli lamp; he’s not actually Mosha Star; he knows who Mosha Star is, but he doesn’t want him revived. Si Feng says yes to all his questions and says that he just doesn’t want the demons to be embroiled in another war.

Wu Zhi Qi smiles, pleased with Si Feng, and reassures him that he need not worry about Juntian Cehai landing in Yuan Lang’s hands. They toast to it.

Si Feng also has a question for Wu Zhi Qi: he doesn’t want Mosha Star to be resurrected either, right? Wu Zhi Qi cocks an eyebrow, then stands up and paces, saying that if Mosha Star were to return, he would definitely fight his way into the heavenly realm, which would be very cool. But Wu Zhi Qi also hates being ordered around, and if Mosha Star were to return, he would be obligated to follow his orders, which would be annoying. So maybe it’s better if Mosha Star doesn’t come back. Then they can eat and drink and be merry.

Si Feng asks Wu Zhi Qi about the Lianhun Pot. Wu Zhi Qi remembers that the Liuli lamp was sealed with the God of War’s own power. Yuan Lang needs both the God of War’s power and Juntian Cehai to open the lamp. Si Feng finally understands why Yuan Lang has been trying to awaken Xuan Ji this whole time. He realizes that Xuan Ji is in danger. Yuan Lang must not be allowed to keep the Lianhun Pot or take her power. But Wu Zhi Qi suggests that maybe they should let him keep it — for now. Yuan Lang won’t be able to handle the pot himself — he’ll need someone equally as powerful to help. Wu Zhi Qi guesses that Yuan Lang will try to trick him into helping, but he and Si Feng can come up with a plan to take advantage of that and undermine Yuan Lang.

Wu Zhi Qi reminds Si Feng that he still has two more requests he can ask, but Si Feng says he’s satisfied with just the one. Wu Zhi Qi smiles — he likes that about Si Feng, but he’s also one to follow through on his word. He insists on doing three things for Si Feng, but tells Si Feng that he can think about what his other requests are. In the meantime, they can drink.

Zi Hu shows up with a smile, happy that Wu Zhi Qi and Si Feng have become brothers so quickly. Wu Zhi Qi tries to hide from her, but she latches onto his arm and refuses to let go, even when he asks her to stop getting so close. Si Feng smiles.

Wu Zhi Qi tries to tell Zi Hu that she’s ugly when she looks at him like that and that she should go turn into a fox and eat grapes, but she reminds him that she’s his savior too, so he owes her three requests. Her first one is that he’s only allowed to compliment her beauty from now on. They bicker.

Zi Hu catches Si Feng smiling and asks what he’s laughing it. He responds that he envies them. He hopes all lovers can be like them and find some way to be together. Wu Zhi Qi tries to deny it and tells Si Feng he better not say anything like that again, but Zi Hu smiles and tells Si Feng to keep talking.

Wu Zhi Qi finds Yuan Lang and proposes they drink together. He reminisces about the old days when they were in the devil realm and would eat and drink all the time, then fight their way to the heavenly realm. That’s when they were the greatest. Yuan Lang agrees. They were so close to ruling the world, if not for the God of War who appeared out of nowhere. Wu Zhi Qi agrees. It was because of the God of War that he was captured. He wishes there were a way to kill her.

Yuan Lang asks if he’s being serious. All he has to do is say the word and Yuan Lang will gather the demons and attack the heavenly realm. Wu Zhi Qi says they can conquer the heavenly realm together.

Si Ming finds Hao Chen and reminds him that his time in this mortal body is almost running out. He can’t keep delaying. Hao Chen looks at some scars on his wrist and says that it looks like he doesn’t have much time left.

Hao Chen says that he’s tried, but has still chosen love and insists on going against him. There’s nothing more he can do. He can’t help her anymore.

Si Ming gasps. Is Hao Chen really going to give up on her? Hao Chen repeats that this was already going to be her last chance. Instead of watching her fall into eternal damnation, he would rather destroy her himself.

Si Ming asks if he could really bear to do it. Hao Chen personally cultivated her. Hao Chen’s eyes are red but he says that it doesn’t matter whether he’s willing or not. Everything he’s done has always been for the three worlds. This all started with him, so it should be up to him to end it. Si Ming looks sad.

A banquet is held in Si Feng’s honor with all the demons that Yuan Lang can muster. Si Feng praises Yuan Lang and, as a show of trust, declares that he will have Yuan Lang preside over all of Lize Palace’s affairs.

He then talks about how it’s time to get rid of the God of War. Her attempt to kill him with the vase was the last straw. Wu Zhi Qi proposes a brash idea of sieging Shaoyang that Si Feng shoots down. Wu Zhi Qi then turns to Yuan Lang, asking if he has any ideas.

Yuan Lang says that he does have a spell he can use, which will require Wu Zhi Qi and Si Feng’s assistance. He needs three days to prepare. Si Feng declares that they’ll attack Shaoyang in three days’ time and capture the God of War as well as the Liuli lamp.

Yuan Lang sneaks into the dungeons and frees Ruo Yu, instructing him to spy on Si Feng for him. He still doesn’t trust Si Feng.

On their way out, they walk by Wu Tong’s cell. Wu Tong begs for Yuan Lang to free him, too. Yuan Lang decides to let him out so he can accompany him somewhere.

Yuan Lang brings Wu Tong to the ruins of the demon realm. Thanks to Wu Zhi Qi, many of the evil spirits have scattered, allowing them to enter. Yuan Lang uses Wu Tong as a stepping stone to boost himself onto the platform in the water that Si Feng and Xuan Ji fought on before. He frees a Xiuluo general’s corpse then infuses a bit of his own spirit into it so that he can control its body.

Wu Tong falls into the water and struggles, then falls unconscious. Several glowing lotuses circle him and zap him with their energy. His eyes open and glow dark blue and a dark mark appears on his forehead.

Xiao Yin Hua has lingered in Lize Palace and watches Si Feng from afar, relieved he’s alright. She’s still weak and collapses. Ruo Yu catches her. She pushes him away, then pulls her dagger on him even though he’s trying to help her. She still hasn’t made him pay for being a traitor.

He tells her that she can do what she wants with him — kill him even — but he insists on lending her some energy. She’s been separated from Si Feng for too long. Xiao Yin Hua yells that she’s going to kill him, but before she can stab him, she faints. Ruo Yu catches her and lays her down to rest on Si Feng’s bed before leaving.

Xiao Yin Hua wakes up to find Si Feng patiently drinking tea nearby. She approaches him, looking ashamed. He asks if she’s okay, then admits that he was a bit impulsive with her earlier. She smiles hopefully. He says that now that she’s back, she can’t defy his orders anymore, otherwise he will be forced to punish her. Xiao Yin Hua says that she’ll obey him when it comes to anything except Xuan Ji. But if Xuan Ji hurts him, Xiao Yin Hua won’t let her get away with it.

Si Feng asks why she came back if she’s still going to be like this. He won’t have a willful spirit beast like her. Xiao Yin Hua smiles sadly that she’ll always be just a spirit beast in his eyes. It hurts her to see how Xuan Ji doesn’t love him and hurts him. Why can’t he see the one who has been by his side this whole time?

Si Feng tells Xiao Yin Hua that she’s not just a spirit beast to him — she’s an important friend. But if she can’t handle that, then she’s free to leave. He says that from now on, he’ll permit her to go as far away from him as she wants and live an independent life.

Xiao Yin Hua tells him that he’ll regret this. She’ll find a way to break the blood oath between them and then she won’t be his spirit beast anymore.

Yuan Lang finds Si Feng and asks if he’s prepared to lure Xuan Ji into the spell tomorrow. He worries that Si Feng might be unwilling. But Si Feng gives a pretty speech about how he’ll even take her life if he has to.

Yuan Lang remains unconvinced and tells Ruo Yu to keep an eye on Xuan Ji when they get to Shaoyang. He must make sure Xuan Ji enters the spell, because he still doubts that Si Feng will. Suddenly, Wu Tong appears and tries to attack him. Yuan Lang easily knocks him back, but is amused that he’s managed to survive and with demonic energy as well. Yuan Lang stabilizes his demon energy, then says that he’ll allow Wu Tong to live. He needs someone to help keep an eye on his Xiuluo general. If they succeed, he’ll teach Wu Tong how to stabilize his demon energy by himself.

Ling Long prepares for her wedding, but frowns when she sees Xuan Ji brooding while looking out at the rain. She asks Xuan Ji if she still get let go of the past, but Xuan Ji forces a smile and says that she’s just feeling sentimental now that Ling Long’s wedding day is here. She makes an excuse to go outside and look over the wedding preparations.

She’s just stepped outside the Shaoyang gates when a sword lands at her feet. She thinks it’s Si Feng and rushes after him and gets lured into the woods.

Si Feng joins back up with Yuan Lang and Wu Zhi Qi. Yuan Lang sets up the spell while Wu Zhi Qi smirks and exchanges glances with Si Feng. Yuan Lang makes eye contact with Ruo Yu, who’s hiding behind a tree.

Wu Tong smirks at the head of his own battalion of Tianxu demons, led by the Xiuluo general. He finally has the opportunity to attack Shaoyang and take everything he’s wanted. Ruo Yu approaches him and tells him that it’s time to get started. Wu Tong leads his demon strike team in attacking Shaoyang.

Xuan Ji walks right into the spell hidden on the ground. Yuan Lang, Si Feng, and Wu Zhi Qi reveal themselves. Xuan Ji tells Si Feng that he won’t be able to turn back if he continues down this path with them. Si Feng responds that he won’t be soft-hearted this time. Yuan Lang thinks they’re chit-chatting too much and leaps to the other side of the pot, ready to activate the spell. Si Feng and Wu Zhi Qi exchange a glance, then work together to flip the pot so it traps Yuan Lang instead. Zi Hu reveals herself with a smirk. She had been pretending to be Xuan Ji.

Wu Zhi Qi smirks as he says that it’s time for Yuan Lang to get a little taste of his own medicine with the pot that he personally refined.

Of course, the real Xuan Ji is still wandering in the forest. She suddenly realizes that she’s seen the same tree multiple times and thinks that someone’s messing with her. She summons Dingkun, and Yi Huan quickly reveals himself, asking Xuan Ji not to attack. She releases Dingkun and asks why he’s here. He hesitates and Xuan Ji guesses that Si Feng told him to come. Why? Yi Huan gingerly removes Xuan Ji’s hand from his sleeve and says that it’s best if they figure out their issues between themselves. He points behind her, saying, “Si Feng!” Xuan Ji turns and Yi Huan quickly disappears.


Finally, something good has happened! Of course, I can’t help but think that Yuan Lang will find some way to survive this… is it too early for him to vanish?

The mystery around the God of War’s history is starting to become more clear. Hao Chen is so frustrating and such a control freak, but I pity him a little bit for the tough choice he has to make. He basically told Xuan Ji to destroy herself when he told her to destroy the Liuli lamp. I wonder if the Liuli lamp only existed in the first place because that’s the only way Xuan Ji/the God of War could exist and stay alive. If the other half of Mosha Star’s soul is destroyed, there’s no way she could survive, could she? It’s a literal yin and yang.

But what other tragedies did Teng She read in her history? I want to know!


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