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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 47)

So. Many. Things. Happen. This. Episode. All good things must come to an end and it’s not quite the right time for our heroes and heroines to experience good things just yet… This gives us some wins, but also some unavoidable losses.


All of Shaoyang beams as Min Yan and Ling Long approach Chu Lei and Ying Hong to officially exchange vows and be wed.

Yuan Lang tells Si Feng and Wu Zhi Qi that they can’t do this to him. He claims that everything he’s done, he’s done for Mosha Star and so that the devils could take over the worlds.

Si Feng smirks and reveals that he’s not Mosha Star. He lied to him. Yuan Lang turns to Wu Zhi Qi and tries to appeal to their brotherhood. How could he betray him? Wu Zhi Qi says that Yuan Lang was the one who betrayed him first. Yuan Lang tries to say it was the God of War, but Wu Zhi Qi reveals that he knows the truth about who leaked his weakness to the heavenly realm. He’s here today to take the revenge he’s been wanting for the past thousand years. Yuan Lang disappears in a puff of smoke.

Wu Zhi Qi suddenly realizes that Yuan Lang is much weaker than he used to be. How could that be? Wu Zhi Qi remembers that Yuan Lang could split himself in two. They suddenly see explosions come from the distance. Wu Zhi Qi guesses that Yuan Lang has led an attack on Shaoyang. Wu Zhi Qi tells Zi Hu to stay back and protect herself, then disappears.

Yuan Lang enters the Xiuluo general’s body as Wu Tong and Ruo Yu accompany it to the secret place. He’s furious about Si Feng and Wu Zhi Qi, but his primary goal is getting the Liuli lamp. Only then will he have another chance. He tells Ruo Yu and Wu Tong to keep watch while he goes for the lamp.

Hao Chen is in the secret place, trying to work on the lamp. After so many years, why won’t it give up? His mortal body is weakening and he decides that he needs to find a way to make Xuan Ji destroy it.

He turns as Yuan Lang appears in his Xiuluo body. Hao Chen is ready to protect the lamp with his life. Yuan Lang guesses who he is. There are only so many people who have the power to use the Four Heavenly Beasts’ artifacts, but Yuan Lang knows that Hao Chen’s mortal body is no match for him.

Min Yan goes to the secret place to bring Hao Chen some wine. He runs into Wu Tong, who reveals himself. Min Yan immediately attacks, but Wu Tong holds him at bay while slowly putting together the pieces of the wine and Min Yan’s wedding robes. Wu Tong mutters that Ling Long is his and no one else can have her, then strikes Min Yan, knocking him back and making him spit up blood.

Ruo Yu catches him, then tries to prevent him from going after Wu Tong. He won’t survive it. Min Yan looks betrayed to see Ruo Yu here. Si Feng was telling the truth about Ruo Yu. Min Yan says he viewed Ruo Yu as a brother and angrily punches him, but he’s weak. Ruo Yu looks torn and admits that he did steal the spirit keys and that he was the one who hurt Ying Hong, not Si Feng. He tries to approach Min Yan, but Min Yan dodges back.

Ruo Yu looks devastated and acknowledges that he’s done too much evil, but that’s also why he won’t let Min Yan go after Wu Tong. He doesn’t want to watch him die. He tells Min Yan that Wu Tong is already half-demon. Ruo Yu says that he’ll go. He’ll make sure Wu Tong doesn’t get close to Ling Long.

Min Yan coughs and Ruo Yu rushes to support him, but he freezes Ruo Yu with a binding spell instead. He promises that he’ll make Ruo Yu pay for what he’s done, then runs off. Ruo Yu calls for him to come back.

Yuan Lang tosses Hao Chen around like a ragdoll. He prepares to make a killing blow and Hao Chen makes a last ditch effort to shield. They’re both surprised when Si Feng and Wu Zhi Qi fly in and knock Yuan Lang back.

Yuan Lang says that he won’t let them get away with ruining his plans. Si Feng tells Wu Zhi Qi to leave Yuan Lang to him and attacks, while Wu Zhi Qi observes with crossed arms, then teleports himself off to the side to drink. The Liuli lamp shoots a red beam of light into the sky.

Xuan Ji, still in the woods, senses demonic energy and fends off two demons who attack her. She sees the glowing red light in the distance and goes to defend the Liuli lamp.

Ling Long waits in her bedroom for Min Yan to come back, veil still over her head. When the door opens, she thinks it’s Min Yan, not realizing that it’s actually Wu Tong, who leers as he approaches. He lifts her veil and her smile quickly turns into a look of fear. She tries to attack him, but he paralyzes her with one well-placed strike. He laughs as he picks her up, saying that as the one who lifted her veil, he’s her husband now and he’ll take her home.

Min Yan confronts them in the courtyard. Wu Tong sets Ling Long down, then fights Min Yan. Min Yan gets easily knocked down. Wu Tong says he’ll kill him, because only then will Ling Long be his. Ling Long tells Min Yan to stop fighting. She begs Wu Tong to spare Min Yan. She’ll go with him if he lets Min Yan live. To Wu Tong, that’s more proof that Min Yan needs to die so that Ling Long will give up on him. Before he can kill Min Yan, someone else attacks him. He teleports away and grabs Ling Long’s veil, promising to come back for her, then disappears.

Chu Lei arrives, flanked by the elders and other disciples. Chu Lei quickly frees Ling Long, who rushes to Min Yan. Min Yan weakly tells her to not be afraid. He will always be by her side. Then he faints. Ling Long cries for him to wake up. Today is the first day of their marriage. He can’t leave her like this.

Hao Chen and Wu Zhi Qi watch as Si Feng fights Yuan Lang in the Xiuluo body. Wu Zhi Qi gives him advice on how to kill the Xiuluo general using his garuda power. Si Feng listens to his advice and vaporizes Yuan Lang.

Zi Hu is fighting off demons when they suddenly all scatter and vanish.

Wu Zhi Qi and Si Feng celebrate their victory against Yuan Lang. Now Si Feng can explain everything to Xuan Ji.

Si Feng glances at Hao Chen, who is still injured, and decides to help him because he knows Xuan Ji will blame him if he lets Hao Chen die. But when he scans Hao Chen’s body, he frowns at what he sees.

Hao Chen swipes Si Feng away, and blames Si Feng for everything that’s happened. It’s because of him, Mosha Star, that Xuan Ji has gotten to this point. They hear Xuan Ji calling for Hao Chen. Hao Chen attacks Si Feng so that Si Feng is forced to defend. Just before Xuan Ji arrives, Hao Chen says that he’ll borrow Si Feng’s Mosha Star identity and put it to use. He grabs Si Feng’s sword and stabs himself with it, so that Xuan Ji and the rest of Shaoyang arrive to see Si Feng murdering Hao Chen.

Hao Chen tells Si Feng that he will never get the Liuli lamp, then throws himself off the sword. Xuan Ji rushes to Hao Chen. Si Feng is shell-shocked at the sudden turn of events. Chu Lei tries to attack Si Feng, but Wu Zhi Qi throws up an enchantment to block them out. He tells everyone that Si Feng was trying to save Hao Chen. Si Feng tells Hao Chen that he clearly came to save him from the Xiuluo spirit, so why is he framing him?

But Hao Chen just tells Xuan Ji that Si Feng is trying to steal the lamp. She trusted the wrong person. Xuan Ji tries to heal Hao Chen, but he tells her not to waste her energy. He asks why she wouldn’t listen to him and why she let things get to this point.

Si Feng tries to explain the situation to Xuan Ji, but her only focus is on Hao Chen. Hao Chen takes her hand and makes her agree to destroy the lamp. She agrees. Hao Chen dies.

Xuan Ji looks up at Si Feng with hate-filled eyes. He asks her to trust him, but she’s trusted him enough. Every time she trusted him, someone she loves has died. How can she still trust him? She stabs him.

Si Feng tries to repeat the truth to her and reason with her. If he was after the Liuli lamp, why would he stay? Why didn’t he leave? But Xuan Ji tells him to shut up and drives her sword in deeper. Si Feng asks what he can say to make her trust him.

“Was there ever trust between us?” she asks.

Xuan Ji says that Hao Chen was right. She never should’ve tried to recover her six senses, because then she wouldn’t feel this way now. She regrets ever meeting him. She regrets blocking him from being struck by the demon whip. She regrets everything.

Xuan Ji pulls out her sword. Wu Zhi Qi rushes to support him. But Si Feng starts laughing even as he cries. He’s finally realized why his past nine lives always ended like this. She doesn’t have a heart. She responds that if she doesn’t have a hurt, then it won’t hurt.

Xuan Ji raises her sword to strike. Wu Zhi Qi defends with Juntian Cehai. The clash of the two weapons sends everyone stumbling back and brings down Wu Zhi Qi’s enchantment. Wu Zhi Qi glares at Xuan Ji. They were friends a thousand years ago — has she really become this stupid after being sent to the mortal realm?

Si Feng and Xuan Ji look at each other and cry. Wu Zhi Qi whisks Si Feng away.

Later, Xuan Ji kneels in front of Hao Chen’s memorial and apologizes to him. She clenches her fist. This is all its fault and she will destroy it.

Si Feng wakes up with Wu Zhi Qi in front of him and asks where he is. Wu Zhi Qi says that he’s at the entrance to Fenru City because he’s died, but Si Feng knows he’s just joking. Wu Zhi Qi calls him dumb for not even defending himself when Xuan Ji was going to stab him to death.

Si Feng laughs wryly and says he’s probably the dumbest person in the world. Wu Zhi Qi asks what he’s going to do next. Is he really going to leave Xuan Ji be? Si Feng says that there’s nothing more he can say to her. She already regrets everything having to do with him. Si Feng says that they should go back to Lize Palace. There’s still a lot to do there.

Wu Zhi Qi suddenly pats his chest with a frown. He pulls out Juntian Cehai, which is telling him that someone is messing with Mosha Star’s heart soul and it doesn’t like it. They realize at the same time that there’s only one person who could mess with the Liuli lamp: the God of War.

Wu Zhi Qi thinks that the lamp must not be that easy to destroy, otherwise someone would’ve done it long ago. He fears that even with the God of War’s power, Xuan Ji may die trying to destroy Mosha Star’s heart soul.

Si Feng arrives to find Chu Lei, Ling Long, and some other Shaoyang disciples watching as Xuan Ji tries to destroy the lamp. He tries to interfere, but the Shaoyang disciples shield Xuan Ji on Chu Lei’s command. Si Feng dispels their shield and tells them to yield so that he can save Xuan Ji. Chu Lei says he won’t let Mosha Star get any closer to the Liuli lamp.

Teng She appears and tells everyone to stop fighting. It’s impossible for Xuan Ji to destroy Mosha Star’s heart soul. He tells them to look.

Everyone turns. Xuan Ji has started levitating, but has been unable to do much to the lamp. Instead, she weakens and starts coughing up blood as images flash through her mind.

A man on a table demanding to know why someone is doing this to him. He says that he won’t let them off easily as he’s stabbed in the heart.

Ling Long points out that Xuan Ji isn’t doing well. Chu Lei thinks that Si Feng must have done something, because Hao Chen said that Xuan Ji was the only one with the ability to destroy the soul.

Teng She exasperatedly says that she can’t. Do they not listen to even him anymore? If Xuan Ji destroys the heart soul, she’ll die with it. The reason Hao Chen said she could destroy the soul isn’t because she’s the God of War, it’s because she’s — but then he finds that he’s unable to actually say the words. He keeps trying, then starts spitting blood. Of course the heavenly realm wouldn’t let him say it. He says that he brought the God of War’s record down, but then the scroll disappears. He yells angrily at the sky.

Wu Zhi Qi smirks. Of course the heavenly realm would do something like this. Teng She tells him to shut up. Who is he even? If not for Hao Chen doing this, then… and then Teng She starts thinking. How would Hao Chen know that Xuan Ji is the person who can destroy the soul?

The Liuli lamp suddenly lets out a red light that wraps itself around Xuan Ji. Si Feng calls her name in alarm and tries to go to her. Chu Lei tries to prevent him from doing so, but then both Teng She and Wu Zhi Qi throw a magical bubble around the Shaoyang disciples.

Si Feng tries to sever the connection between Xuan Ji and the lamp, but is unsuccessful. He attempts to go to her again, but Wu Zhi Qi blocks his way. He’s going to die if he tries anymore. Wu Zhi Qi reminds Si Feng that other than herself, no one can match up to her.

Si Feng is desperate. There must be another way. He won’t watch her turn into ash. He calls for Teng She, saying that he knows he must have an idea. Teng She hesitantly says that he could use Juntian Cehai. It was once a part of Mosha Star, so he might be able to use its power to oppose the Liuli lamp.

Wu Zhi Qi says no. Si Feng isn’t a devil. He won’t be able to handle Juntian Cehai’s power. Teng She says that Wu Zhi Qi is right. Si Feng will die. But Si Feng doesn’t care. He just wants to know what he needs to do.

Teng She starts telling Si Feng what he needs to do. Wu Zhi Qi tells him to shut up. He won’t give it to Si Feng. But Si Feng reminds Wu Zhi Qi that he promised he would do three things for him. Wu Zhi Qi shakes Si Feng, saying he won’t let him die. Si Feng begs.

Wu Zhi Qi finally pushes Si Feng away and says that if he wants to go die, he can. He tosses Juntian and Cehai to Si Feng.

Si Feng absorbs them then destroys the connection between Xuan Ji and the lamp. He catches her. But then the Liuli lamp starts cracking. The world around them shakes.

Si Feng hands Xuan Ji off to Teng She, then uses his own feathers to seal the Liuli lamp. He collapses after the effort and Wu Zhi Qi catches him. He tells Teng She that Xuan Ji must not be allowed to know what happened today. From now on, she is just Chu Xuan Ji. Then he tells Wu Zhi Qi that they should go. They disappear.

The Shaoyang elders are ready to give chase, but Chu Lei raises a hand to stop them and Teng She demands to know if they’re actually stupid. Have they really not realized the truth? Si Feng is the one who saved Xuan Ji, who sealed the lamp they almost opened, who killed Yuan Lang. Everything that they failed at, Si Feng helped them fix.

Ruo Yu stumbles through the forest, looking for anything that’s left of Yuan Lang, but there’s nothing. He falls to the ground and yells at the sky. He doesn’t know where his sister is yet, how could Yuan Lang just let himself be destroyed like that? But then he spots a singed black feather.

Si Feng tries to hand over the Palace leader tokens to Elder Luo. He has no spirit energy left and isn’t fit to lead Lize Palace anymore. But Elder Luo says that everything Si Feng has done has shown that he is the only person who can lead Lize Palace. Si Feng protests, but Yi Huan, who has been listening nearby while rolling his eyes, tells Si Feng to stop.

Yi Huan knows that Si Feng is trying to take care of everything so he can find some remote corner of the world to die in, but Yi Huan won’t let him.


Oh. I finally get it. She literally doesn’t have a heart. And Si Feng has finally realized the irony, because her heart is the piece of soul (the xinhun) that’s stuck in the Liuli lamp. That’s why Hao Chen kept saying that she doesn’t have a heart, why she was always so heartless before. She and Si Feng were always doomed.

Ruo Yu is going to try some black magic to resurrect Yuan Lang isn’t he…

Nothing good really happens this episode and it’s just tragedy upon tragedy, but I’ve come to expect that at this point. Even Si Feng seems to expect it. He didn’t even succumb to the lovers’ curse when Xuan Ji stabbed him, which implies that he expected to be stabbed. Dare I say I even enjoyed all of this tragic Romeo and Juliet-esque misunderstanding? The only thing I could’ve used less of this episode was probably just all those endless flashbacks…


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