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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 52)

Xuan Ji helps Si Feng realize that they’re stronger together than apart, and things seem to be going so smoothly for them and Ruo Yu and Xiao Yin Hua. Unfortunately, some things seem a little too good to be true…


Si Feng tells Xuan Ji that he was afraid. He was afraid she would come looking for him and also afraid she wouldn’t. He wishes that he could go back in time with her, but he was also afraid that it would all disappear. He’d rather not see her if it was all just going to disappear.

Xuan Ji promises that from now on, they’ll be together forever and never be apart. Si Feng says that he’s thought it through. The future is too scary to think about, but the least he can do is appreciate each day that they do spend together. Xuan Ji promises that she’ll find a way to lift his curse, then kisses him.

She looks at his chest, then asks why the feather there has disappeared. Si Feng starts laughing. Because the curse has been lifted. He kisses her hard, but then makes himself stop. He doesn’t know how many days he has left to live. He can’t ruin Xuan Ji.

Later, Xuan Ji tells Si Feng to guess where she went in her search for him. He guesses that she went to every place that they had been, because he had gone there, too. She asks why he chose to stay here — or was it really because of Ah Lan? He smiles and says that he’ll tell her the whole story later. He admits that he thought about her every day — whether she was happy or sad, if she had met someone better than him. Xuan Ji hugs him and says that she’s already met the best person.

Si Feng takes out his hairpin and tells Xuan Ji that Ah Lan had it because he asked her to help fix it. Now, he puts it back in her hair.

Xuan Ji asks Si Feng what exactly happened when he saved her from the Liuli lamp. She doesn’t remember anything. How did he know and get there in time? Si Feng says he just guessed. If the heart soul were that easy to destroy, the heavenly realm would have done it long ago. Why leave it for a thousand years?

Xuan Ji continues to frown and shares how she felt like the Liuli lamp was calling to her when she got close. She can’t shake the feeling that she’s somehow connected to Mosha Star. Si Feng tries to explain it away as her being the one who defeated Mosha Star. But that doesn’t sit right with Xuan Ji either. There are so many gods and immortals in the heavenly realm — why did they send her to face Mosha Star alone? Every immortal has a past, but what is the God of War’s past? Where did she come from?

Si Feng asks Xuan Ji not to think about those things anymore. She should keep her distance from the Liuli lamp and not worry about the past. In this life, they should just enjoy each other and forget about all those other questions.

Si Feng suddenly starts coughing and Xuan Ji worries over him. He’s seemed weaker ever since she found him. He tells her that he was injured when he tried to seal the lamp, but it’s not a big deal.

Xuan Ji hugs him again and says that he should tell her from now on if anything happens. She doesn’t want him to have to bear the burden alone anymore. Si Feng agrees, but he looks so sad.

Si Feng goes to his icy cave pool and smiles hopefully up at the mushroom growing there. Earlier, Teng She had guessed exactly why he was here — for the mushroom. But as Si Feng’s luck would have it, the mushroom was nothing but a sprout. He might have to wait a hundred years or a thousand years before it grew to the stage where it would be powerful enough to suppress Juntian Cehai. Now he smiles because the mushroom has actually grown. Maybe some higher power is still looking out for him.

He throws a protective enchantment over it, then leaves, not noticing the flock of crows that has appeared, Yuan Lang in their midst. The crows attack the mushroom, but are held at bay by the spell.

Ruo Yu and Xiao Yin Hua search the devil realm without much success. They finally come upon the ruins of a library and it’s exactly what they’re looking for, full of ancient scrolls that must have been the Xiuluo King’s personal library. They’re looking through the books and scrolls when a spirit pushes a shelf. Ruo Yu grabs Xiao Yin Hua before she’s crushed. A book lands at their feet.

Ruo Yu picks it up — it’s a guide on spirit beasts and exactly what they’re looking for. The book describes a type of gu moth whose larvae are found in the devil realm’s Black Pond. If they feed the larva into a moth, then it can draw out the blood from the blood oath from spirit beast and master. Ruo Yu finds the discovery of the book too timely to be a mere coincidence and is concerned that most of the pages on the moth itself have been ripped out, but Xiao Yin Hua is too excited to care.

A black crow watches them. Yuan Lang won’t let Si Feng catch any breaks after ruining his plans and his life. He’s not going to let Si Feng save his own life with that snow mushroom.

Xiao Yin Hua is reckless in her determination to find one of the moth larvae. Ruo Yu blocks an evil spirit before it can attack her and acts like he’s fine, but his skin burns where it entered his body.

A crow drops a leaf with larvae on it near where Xiao Yin Hua is looking. She’s delighted to find the larvae, but Ruo Yu still seems suspicious.

Later, once they’ve left the devil realm, Xiao Yin Hua finds a mushroom to feed to the larvae instead of food. Ruo Yu finds it strange that there would be mushrooms near here. Xiao Yin Hua says that she it in the mouth of a black bird and stole it from the bird. Ruo Yu finds the bird suspicious. It was also a black bird that brought them here, but Xiao Yin Hua isn’t worried about a bird.

Xuan Ji gets a letter from Ling Long. Their father’s birthday is coming up and all the sects are coming together for a celebration. She hopes that Xuan Ji will be able to make it. Xuan Ji goes looking for Si Feng, who suddenly clutches his chest and coughs up blood. He vanishes when he hears her coming, but she sees the blood on the ground.

Xiao Yin Hua beams when her larvae have started forming cocoons. Now all she needs is a bit of Si Feng’s blood. She can sense him now and knows where to go to find him. Ruo Yu hesitates and Xiao Yin Hua notices. They both know that Si Feng probably won’t want to see him.

Ruo Yu doesn’t feel comfortable letting Xiao Yin Hua go alone, so he asks if he can go with her on this last leg of the journey. He tries to give her a bracelet, which she refuses, saying that he should know she only loves Si Feng. Ruo Yu smiles and says that his wanting to treat her well has nothing to do with her — he isn’t asking anything of her. He views her the same way he viewed his sister. He asks her to accept it as a gift from a brother. He promises to disappear once she’s able to break the blood oath. She lets him put the bracelet on.

Xuan Ji finds Si Feng collapsed in the ice cave and rushes to him. She tries to heal him, but he tells her it’s of no use and is forced to admit to her that he’s absorbed Juntian Cehai’s energy. But he tells her that it won’t kill him. He points to the mushroom growing up above and reassures her that it will save him. It already has one golden ring on it — he only needs to wait for it to have all nine golden rings, and that will happen sometime this year.

Xuan Ji smiles, relieved, and tells Si Feng that he taught her how to use her heart, but he has to learn how to let go of his (aka relax). She can’t be the only one who changes. He can’t always try to do everything himself. She tells him that she’ll be the one to protect him from now on.

Teng She tries to sneak around in the heavenly realm and is discovered by a guard. He quickly tells the guard to lower his voice, but the guard just tells him that he need not sneak around like this. Bai Lin has already ordered the Heavenly Beasts to go down to the mortal world, so they’re not looking for him here. Teng She finds out that they’re supposed in the mortal realm hunting demons in a way that’s related to the God of War. He decides that he needs to head back to find Xuan Ji.

Yi Huan cheerfully heads home with some snacks, not noticing that he’s being watched by Bai Hu and Ying Long. They confront him when he gets home. When he finds out they have Yu Er, he tries to reason with them, but they don’t converse with demons and attack him. Ying Long is about to retrieve the heavenly eye when someone knocks him back: Zi Hu.

Yi Huan warns Zi Hu that these two are heavenly beasts sent down from the heavenly realm. Zi Hu warns them that they better leave because Wu Zhi Qi will be here shortly, but they ignore her and attack. She disappears. Ying Long grabs Yi Huan by the throat. Bai Hu grabs Zi Hu by the throat right as she tries to sneak up on him.

Ying Long extracts the heavenly eye from Yi Huan’s forehead. Zi Hu looks behind Bai Hu and calls for Wu Zhi Qi. Bai Hu tells Ying Long they should leave — they’re no match for Wu Zhi Qi. He throws Zi Hu aside and aims one last attack at her. She shields herself but gets slashed across the cheek. Ying Long and Bai Hu leave, and Zi Hu breathes heavily, holding a talisman in her hand.

Qing Long uses the heavenly eye to locate the Ting Nu and Wu Zhi Qi. They realize that Zi Hu was lying about Wu Zhi Qi — he’s actually just continuing to drink his way around. Bai Hu leaves to go catch Ting Nu. Qing Long and Ying Long watch as Xuan Ji feeds the snow mushroom some spirit energy to help it grow faster. Ying Long watches skeptically — this is who Teng She is bound to? Qing Long closes the eye at the mention of Teng She, not wanting to bring him up. Ying Long guesses that he wants to talk to Teng She first, but warns him that Teng She isn’t really one to listen.

Si Feng teases Xuan Ji about feeding the mushroom too much spirit energy, but it’s growing nicely. It should be usable in a few days, and give them enough time to make it back to Shaoyang for the celebration. Si Feng says that it’ll also be a good opportunity for him to talk to Chu Lei about marrying Xuan Ji.

When they return to Si Feng’s house, Teng She is waiting outside. He complains about starving and demands that Si Feng cook for him. The two go into the kitchen where Si Feng asks Teng She about what he found. Teng She tells him that Bai Lin has already sent the heavenly beasts down into the mortal realm to look for Xuan Ji. He doesn’t know exactly how Mosha Star became the God of War, either. Bai Lin is probably the only one who knows. Si Feng asks how Teng She couldn’t even tell whether Xuan Ji was a human or a devil. Teng She says that when he met her, she was already Xuan Ji. He knows her as the person.

Si Feng agrees — she is just Xuan Ji. What do the God of War’s grudges of the past have to do with her? Why won’t the heavenly realm let go of her? He hopes that she’ll never have to know about any of this in this lifetime.

Teng She reassures Si Feng that it won’t be that easy for the heavenly beasts to find them, what with Wu Zhi Qi’s gift berries and Teng She’s own protective spells around the place.

The mushroom has only one ring left to grow when Xiao Yin Hua and Ruo Yu finally find Si Feng and Xuan Ji. Xuan Ji is unhappy to see Ruo Yu — how dare he show his face again? Ruo Yu explains that he’s only here to see Xiao Yin Hua complete her mission. Xiao Yin Hua defends Ruo Yu, saying he had no choice but to do what he did after Yuan Lang kidnapped his sister.

Xuan Ji is unsympathetic. It doesn’t excuse the way he hurt other people and almost killed Si Feng. Xiao Yin Hua shoots back that if they’re going to talk about hurting Si Feng, she’s the one who has done it the most. Xuan Ji starts to respond, but Si Feng holds her back. He says that he’ll just pretend he never had a friend like Ruo Yu. He’s happy with Xuan Ji right now and doesn’t want anything to disrupt that.

Xiao Yin Hua protests again that Xuan Ji doesn’t actually care about Si Feng. She’s the one who cares about them. She presents the cocoons and says that all she needs is a bit of Si Feng’s blood and the oath between them will be broken. Xuan Ji says no. Si Feng is too weak right now.

Xiao Yin Hua accuses Xuan Ji of being afraid that she’ll replace her in Si Feng’s heart. Si Feng interrupts and says that he’ll agree and help fulfill Xiao Yin Hua’s wish.

A black crow flies into the cave to observe his handiwork.

Teng She wanders around Si Feng’s property and suddenly catches a flower that’s thrown at him. Qing Long reveals himself and the heavenly eye that allowed him to find them.

Teng She is appalled that they dug the heavenly eye out of Yi Huan’s forehead and assumes he’s dead. He asks who killed Yi Huan. Qing Long looks away and sniffs, asking so what if he did? He plans on chopping off Xuan Ji’s arm today, too, to free Teng She.

Teng She isn’t so willing and immediately attacks Qing Long. Qing Long warns him that he’s a dragon and Teng She is just a snake, but Teng She doesn’t care. He’ll use his life to protect Xuan Ji.

Qing Long eventually tells Teng She that Yi Huan isn’t dead and that the reason he wants to break Teng She’s oath is because Bai Lin has already issued a kill order. Everyone else except for him is going to kill Xuan Ji. Teng She finally gives up on the attack. Qing Long tells him that he’s only here to warn him. He doesn’t want him to die with Xuan Ji.

Teng She says that Qing Long clearly doesn’t understand him. He’s never been afraid of death. If anyone wants to kill Xuan Ji, they’ll have to go through him first. He tells Qing Long he should come down to the mortal realm more often — then he’ll realize that there are more important things than one’s own life.

Teng She and Qing Long fight again.

Xuan Ji and Ruo Yu watch worriedly as moths swarm around Xiao Yin Hua, Si Feng, and their blood magic. They both cough up blood as the moths and magic disperse. Si Feng reassures Xuan Ji that he’s okay. Xiao Yin Hua is overjoyed when she sees that the oath has been broken. But that happiness is short-lived. Storm clouds gather and lightning strikes Xiao Yin Hua.

The lightning distracts Qing Long and Teng She, who stop their fight. Qing Long tells Teng She that he should hurry up and go. Someone has drawn heavenly lightning. Now the immediate area will be on the heavenly realm’s radar. There will be no way to hide from the heavenly realm if he doesn’t leave now.

Teng She realizes that Xuan Ji is in danger and flies off. Qing Long yells for him to come back, but then he receives an order from Bai Lin to meet up with the other heavenly beasts and prepare to engage the God of War.

More lightning strikes and Ruo Yu uses his own body to shield Xiao Yin Hua. Si Feng knows that the third strike will be golden lightning. He forces himself to his feet and takes on his garuda form to protect the others against the lightning, essentially turning himself into a lightning rod.

He collapses and Xuan Ji catches him, then tries to heal him. She cries for him to hold on.


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