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Recap: Eternal Love (Ep. 7)

Kunlun and the Demon Clan deal with the aftermath of the battle. Si Yin mourns but also refuses to believe that Mo Yuan is truly gone.


Si Yin wakes up in the cave near Mo Yuan’s body and cries that this is all her fault. Her brother reminds her of Mo Yuan’s final words to her: to wait for him. Si Yin takes this as a sign that he will come back. Now her self-assigned task is to wait here and protect his body until he comes back. Bai Zhen suggests that she should come back to Qingqiu, but her mind is made up. The golden lotus spirit appears behind her and says that he’ll keep her company. (It is still the case that no one can hear him.)

Despite Si Yin’s interpretation of Mo Yuan’s final words, Bai Zhen is confused by how Mo Yuan would come back if his soul has already dissipated. Zhe Yan tells him that Mo Yuan (whom he calls “Yuan Yuan”) would never tell Si Yin to wait if he weren’t capable of coming back. He believes Mo Yuan will return.

Si Yin cries by the lotus pond. The golden lotus spirit appears and hugs her, but she suddenly gets up and runs off to Mo Yuan’s bedside with a dagger in hand. She stabs herself in the heart, collecting her own blood in a bowl and feeding it to Mo Yuan. The blood from a Nine-Tailed Fox’s heart can prevent a body from decomposing. The golden lotus watches.

Li Yuan is coronated as the new Demon Monarch. He declares that he will prepare for the Demon Clan to rally and get their revenge in a few thousand years. Li Jing is the only one who refuses to kneel. Li Yuan grabs him by the throat. The two confront each other over the deaths of their respective mothers. Li Yuan hates Li Jing because his father killed his mother for Li Jing’s mother. Li Jing knows that Li Yuan is the one who killed his mother. Li Yuan happily describes how he strangled Li Jing’s mother.

Li Jing pushes Li Yuan away, surprising him with the force of his strength. The soldiers present hold Li Yuan at swordpoint and their leader declares that they won’t follow a leader like him who only cares about his own power and doesn’t seem to have his own people in mind at all. Where was the honor and respect for the fallen and surviving soldiers of the war? They’re backing Li Jing as the new Demon Monarch.

Li Jing orders for Li Yuan to be imprisoned, and the Golden Lion Beast (their father’s mount and Li Yuan’s ally) be found and thrown in with him. No one is to tell Yan Zhi the truth. The Golden Lion Beast spots him being taken away, overhearing Li Yuan’s promise that he’ll come back and kill Li Jing, and teleports away.

Xuan Nu congratulates Li Jing on his success, but he still treats her coldly. Everything she’s done has made him look at her in a new light. She reminds him that it’s all for him. He says he’s not a good man either, so it seems like they’re made for each other.

The Celestial Monarch is salty that one of Mo Yuan’s disciples (guess who) has rejected the 18 people he sent over to Kunlun to help with Mo Yuan’s funeral. The Donghua Emperor tells him not to take it so seriously. Donghua so rarely speaks on behalf of others that the Celestial Monarch decides to drop the matter.

Le Xu, wife of Yang Cuo (the eldest Celestial Prince), brings a young girl before the Celestial Monarch. Her whole clan was wiped out in the war. The Celestial Monarch names her Su Jin and welcomes her into the palace, giving her to Yang Cuo as a goddaughter.

Le Xu wonders if he’s giving them the girl as a way of shaming them for not having their own children. Yang Cuo reasons with her. Donghua overhears and suggests that they might find the answer as to why they haven’t been successful at bearing their own children at Kunlun.

The two visit Kunlun, where Yang Cuo delivers a message from the Celestial Monarch to Si Yin, reminding her that Kunlun is not allowed to get revenge against the Demon Clan. Now that Li Yuan has been deposed and Li Jing is in power, there is a treaty between the two clans. Si Yin refuses to yield, but Die Feng tries to smooth things over.

The golden lotus spirit is watching Mo Yuan’s body when someone picks up his flower. He says his goodbyes to Si Yin. Once he becomes human, he will no longer remember this place or her. He reaches out to touch her face, but then fades, his last words being her name. Si Yin seems to hear and looks around, thinking that it was Mo Yuan.

Chang Shan brings the withered golden lotus to Die Feng. Le Xu approaches it and reaches out to touch it. A golden light emanates from the flower and the flower suddenly disappears, its light enveloping Le Xu. She seems alarmed, but Die Feng reassures her that Mo Yuan has always said the golden lotus was just waiting at Kunlun for its rightful owner to appear. Maybe she is the one.

Die Feng checks on Si Yin, wanting to make sure she won’t seek revenge on the Demon Clan. She responds that she would never try to break the peace that Mo Yuan sacrificed his life to achieve.

Die Feng finds it remarkable that Mo Yuan’s body hasn’t changed. It reminds him of a rumor about one of the Demon Clan’s treasures, the yuhun (soul jade), which if placed in a corpse’s mouth will keep its body intact.

Si Yin goes to the Demon Clan and requests the jade from Li Jing. Li Jing guesses that she wants to use it because of Mo Yuan, but she won’t tell him why. He tells her that it has been lost in the transition of power.

Si Yin runs into Xuan Nu on her way out. She ignores Xuan Nu when she invites her to stay, but then Xuan Nu asks if she’s looking for the jade, revealing it in her hand. Li Jing gave it to her earlier to help her heal from her injuries. She offers to give it to Si Yin, but when Si Yin reaches out, she snatches it away. Si Yin shoves her, just in time for Li Jing to see.

Si Yin calls Li Jing out on his lie and tells him that her biggest regret in life is meeting him. He and Xuan Nu really are perfect for each other. She declares that the people of the Ziming Palace are now her sworn enemies and flies away.

Li Jing tries to follow, but Xuan Nu holds him back. He knocks her aside, warning her not to get between him and Si Yin. Xuan Nu reminds him that Si Yin never cared about him and only cares for Mo Yuan. Li Jing was the one who lied to Si Yin about the jade – all she did was add a little something to it. All Xuan Nu wants is to be loved by Li Jing. She misses the few days they had together at Kunlun and would prefer that to who she is now, his queen in name, but ignored by him. He doesn’t want her to mention Kunlun anymore. She wonders if he’ll be able to forget, even if she doesn’t mention it.

The Kunlun disciples gather for a banquet dinner and honor the fallen Mo Yuan and Ling Yu. Si Yin makes a toast thanking everyone for their care and apologizing for making them worry. The disciples reminisce about the good old days when their biggest worry was getting caught sneaking out into the mortal world. Even back then, Ling Yu was the good one – he was the only one who invited Si Yin to study instead of sneak out.

Eventually, all the disciples pass out. Si Yin is the only one still awake. She bows to the unconscious disciples and says her goodbyes. Now that she’s failed to get the soul jade, the only way to preserve Mo Yuan’s body is to bring him to Qingqiu.

Outside of Kunlun, Si Yin notices some men attacking a woman. She continues to bleed her own heart to preserve Mo Yuan.

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