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Recap: Eternal Love (Ep. 8)


After a strange pregnancy lasting on a few days and a 7-day labor, Le Xu gives birth. The birth is auspicious – flower-shaped light colors the sky and birds circle in the Celestial Realm. It’s the same thing that happened when Mo Yuan was born. The Celestial Monarch names the newborn boy Ye Hua and says this is a sign that he will be a crown prince. Le Xu waves Su Jin over to her bedside and tells her to look after Ye Hua in the future.

A snake spirit shows up at Ten-Mile Peach Grove looking for Bai Zhen with Si Yin’s wine vessel in hand. She is the woman that Si Yin saw being beaten in the forest. Si Yin saved her and upon finding out that the immortal had nowhere to go – she had recently taken on human form after cultivating thanks to the dragon energy at Kunlun – she gave her the wine vessel, telling her to go find Bai Zhen. Now, the woman bows to Bai Zhen, telling him that she is his person now.

Bai Zhen has no need for a servant, but because Si Yin is the one who asked him to take in the woman, he brings her to Qingqiu and gives her to his mother. The Fox Empress tells the snake immortal and Mi Gu, one of her servants, that when Bai Qian returns, they will stay at this fox den and help look after her. She and the Fox Monarch plan on vacating once their daughter is back. The snake immortal leaves with Mi Gu, but not before giving Bai Zhen a lingering glance. The Fox Empress dotes on Bai Zhen for being her best-looking son; if he were a woman, he might even be prettier than Bai Qian.

Die Feng arrives at the Ten-Mile Peach Grove and reports that Si Yin and Mo Yuan’s body are both missing. Zhe Yan, Bai Zhen, and the Fox Monarchs find Si Yin passed out in a cavern next to Mo Yuan’s body. The Fox Empress is distraught to discover that Si Yin is low on breath. Zhe Yan notes that the fact she is still alive after giving so much blood to Mo Yuan means she won’t die, but in order for her to heal, she’ll need to have cultivation transferred to her from someone else. The only way to do that without risking the donor’s own immortal energy is to get some divine mushrooms from Yingzhou in the Eastern Sea, which is guarded by the Four Heavenly Beasts. Even Mo Yuan might not be powerful enough to get past them, but the Fox Monarch insists on going.

Li Jing shows up at Kunlun looking for Si Yin. He’s greeted with swords and disciples who are angry that he’s harmed their teacher, but he stubbornly refuses to leave, saying he has something to give to Si Yin. Die Feng reports that Si Yin has left and is traveling the world.

Die Feng disperses the Kunlun disciples, telling them to return to their families. He reminds them that they’re not allowed to seek vengeance against the Demon Clan; they must help maintain the peace that Mo Yuan sacrificed himself to achieve. Die Feng vows to bring Mo Yuan’s body and Si Yin back to Kunlun, no matter how far he has to travel.

The Celestial Monarch is unhappy with Si Yin’s shenanigans and Mo Yuan’s missing body, but the Donghua Emperor suggests he tell a story about how Mo Yuan and his favored disciple disappeared and went into secret seclusion together. Si Ming thinks that Donghua must really favor Kunlun disciples, having appeased the Celestial Monarch’s anger. But all Donghua says that there isn’t a point in trying to catch Si Yin – it’s probably Mo Yuan’s last wish to be with his favorite disciple after his death.

The Fox Monarch returns to Qingqiu with the mushroom, looking extremely weakened. With the aid of the herb and half of the Fox Empress’s cultivation, Bai Qian wakes up from her coma. Even though she was able to ascend without having to bear the heavenly lightning that is her tribulation, the circumstances of Mo Yuan’s death are a kind of different tribulation for her. By donating most of her blood to him, she’s also repaid the debt she owes him for bearing her tribulation.

Bai Qian’s mother reminds her that only her blood will preserve Mo Yuan’s body now. No other fox immortal can. Bai Qian is fully aware of what she signed up for and believes that even a regular donation of blood is not enough to repay the debt she owes him for all he’s done for her.

Bai Zhen brings Bai Qian’s newest niece, Bai Feng Jiu, for a visit. He updates Bai Qian on the latest news: that her theft of Mo Yuan’s body has upended Kunlun and the Celestial Realm. A bunch of her fellow disciples are searching for Mo Yuan. He also reminds her that she isn’t actually Si Yin – she’s the Fox Monarchs’ only daughter. She didn’t have to be the one to give blood to Mo Yuan. He would’ve been willing to do it instead. But their mother agrees with Bai Qian’s choice. Bai Qian already owed Mo Yuan a debt. If Bai Zhen were the one to donate in her stead, then Mo Yuan would owe him.

Fast forward 70,000 years: Bai Qian hasn’t left Qingqiu since the day she arrived and continues to watch over Mo Yuan’s body. There is continued peace between the Celestial and Demon Clans and people have seemed to forget about Mo Yuan and Qing Cang. Soon, the seal on the Donghuang Bell will break and Qing Cang will be free. Bai Qian vows to renew the seal and continue to imprison Qing Cang in order to ensure her teacher’s legacy, even if it costs her life.

She spends much of her time in seclusion in order to hide from the Sang Ji, Second Celestial Prince, whom she is betrothed to. Her servants, Mi Gu and Shao Xin (the snake spirit), are in charge of attending to the prince while he waits for her at Qingqiu.

Sang Ji makes a show of being annoyed that he has yet to talk to Bai Qian even though he’s been at Qingqiu for a month. In reality, he’s fallen in love with Shao Xin and wants to be with her. Shao Xin refuses to be with him unless he cancels his engagement to Bai Qian. She owes her life to Bai Qian and won’t betray her. Bai Qian’s rescue of and favor for Shao Xin is well known throughout the realms, especially after she gave Lingbao’s Poyun Fan to her. We learn that Lingbao is significant because he’s one of Lord Yuan Shi’s last disciples – Ye Hua is the actual last disciple.

Sang Ji asks Shao Xin how the fan ended up with Bai Qian. The story that Shao Xin tells is one in which Si Yin gave the fan to someone to bring to Zhe Yan as a gift, which is how it ended up with Bai Qian. Sang Ji changes the subject upon hearing Si Yin’s name. He manages to convince Shao Xin to return to the palace with him as a maid, but promises to marry her eventually.

Ye Hua, who looks exactly like the golden lotus spirit aka a beardless Mo Yuan to no one’s surprise, runs into Sang Ji at the Celestial Palace and notices the snake spirit hiding in his sleeve. Later, he shares news with the Third Prince (somewhat uncharacteristically – apparently he never talks to Third Prince about his work) that the Golden Lion Beast has been found in the mortal world, wreaking havoc in the Zhongrong kingdom. The king of Zhongrong recently killed himself after the beast caused a decade-long drought and kidnapped his queen, then reported this news upon returning to the Celestial Realm (where apparently he is one of Donghua’s ministers?)

Ye Hua also shares that Sang Ji snuck a snake spirit into the palace – a girl. The Third Prince seems alarmed and runs off.


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