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Recap: Eternal Love (Ep. 10)

It’s pretty clear that the Fox Monarch has no opinions about a union with the Celestial Clan. He’s okay with ending the engagement, but when the Celestial Monarch says that they must not cancel it, he’s also amenable to that.

Ye Hua shows up and Zhe Yan stares, immediately noticing that he looks like Mo Yuan. He asks if he shares any relation with Mo Yuan, but he does not. The Celestial Monarch acknowledges that Ye Hua looks like Mo Yuan. He once thought that perhaps Ye Hua was Mo Yuan, returned in a new body, because his birth and Mo Yuan’s death happened around the same time. But Ye Hua ascended as a High Immortal by the age of 20,000, whereas Mo Yuan ascended at age 25,000. It was his way of proving that he wasn’t Mo Yuan. Zhe Yan also agrees that Ye Hua could not be Mo Yuan – Mo Yuan would return to Kunlun if even a bit of his soul was left; he wouldn’t be here.

Zhe Yan asks if Ye Hua has any wives. When Ye Hua responds that he has not yet married, Zhe Yan smiles.

Sang Ji frees Shao Xin from the torture tower against his father’s orders and brings her before his father to ask for mercy. They interrupt a banquet ceremony that the Celestial Monarch is holding in Zhe Yan and the Fox Monarch’s honor. Zhe Yan and the Fox Monarch bicker about whether coming here was a good idea or not. The Fox Monarch worries that if this situation goes wrong before so many people, then Bai Qian will be even more humiliated.

Sang Ji doubles down on his willingness to die for Shao Xin. The Celestial Monarch orders him to kill himself and Shao Xin right here in front of Zhe Yan and the Fox Monarch in order to apologize. Sang Ji accepts the order and summons his sword. He tells Shao Xin that the past three months with her have meant more to him than his previous 100,000 years of life. He’ll follow her into death.

Shao Xin smiles and cries and says she’d willingly die with him. Sang Ji swings his sword, but Zhe Yan steps in and stops the blade before it can cut Shao Xin. He tells the Fox Monarch to decide whether or not he still wants to continue with the marriage and let the two young people go. But the Celestial Monarch won’t just let things go so easily.

Lian Song steps forward and proposes the idea of marrying Ye Hua and Bai Qian. Zhe Yan approves of the idea and thinks that Ye Hua would be a good match for Bai Qian. The Fox Monarch isn’t so sure that Bai Qian would like the idea of marrying anyone, given his daughter’s temperament, but allows it to go ahead.

The Celestial Monarch decrees that Ye Hua will marry Bai Qian and that when he becomes the monarch, Bai Qian will be the Celestial Empress. Su Jin looks dismayed by the news. He demotes Sang Ji to being the Lord of the Northern Sea.

Lian Song feels a little guilty now that the situation is settled. Ye Hua suggests that maybe he should’ve married Bai Qian instead, but Lian Song reminds him that Bai Qian isn’t just any woman. If she becomes High God one day, she will be one the most powerful women in the realms. Even Lian Song wouldn’t be a good match for her.

Ye Hua finds Su Jin crying in his room. She asks why he accepted the Celestial Monarch’s order. He acts like it was a no-brainer. She wants to know why he’s acting like this when he knows how much she cares for him. She likes him. Unfortunately for her, Ye Hua tells her that he’s always treated her like an aunt and respects her the same way he respects his mother. (Yikes!) Su Jin thinks it’s an age thing, then says that she knows he’s not doing this willingly, but just to appease the Fox Clan.

Clearly, she doesn’t understand Ye Hua very well despite knowing him his whole life, because Ye Hua tells her that he needs to get married sooner or later and it doesn’t matter to whom. If she has the skills, then she should make herself into someone that he must marry.

Su Jin goes crying to Le Xu, who tells her that there’s nothing she can do. Only the Celestial Monarch has the power to decide who Ye Hua marries. Su Jin is fully ready to go to the Celestial Monarch, but Le Xu shares some advice: even though she’s a princess, it’s in name only and bears no political weight. The only way she would be married to Ye Hua is if he likes her, but if he doesn’t, then she has no chance. Le Xu advises she go find someone who will treat her well.

Feng Jiu goes looking for the immortal who watches over the Donghuang Bell and trades him a flute for the bells that Dong Hua gave him, lying that this is a new order from the emperor.

Xuan Nu is busy terrorizing Li Jing’s other concubines. She forces them to drink contraceptive medicine so none of them can bear Li Jing a child, but one of them became pregnant and now she orders her to her death. The woman claims that Li Jing was the one who made her dump the medicine. She curses Xuan Nu with a painful death as she’s taken away, saying that she’s just jealous she can’t get pregnant and that she’ll never have kids. Xuan Nu orders for her to be fed to the wolves.

Bai Qian plays the guqin while her brother meditates and trains his metaphysical body. They’re interrupted when Feng Jiu rolls in. Feng Jiu jokingly calls her old, so she forces Feng Jiu into her fox form as “punishment.” She notices Dong Hua’s bells and guesses that Feng Jiu stole them from somewhere, but ties them around her leg for her.

Feng Jiu sneakily follows Bai Qian to Kunlun. Bai Qian wanders the grounds nostalgically, reminiscing on her life as Si Yin and finally settles in her old haunt to drink by herself. She catches Feng Jiu following her and drunkenly tells her that there’s a spell in this world that only she knows and if something happens to her, then it will be lost. She’s written it down in a scroll that she leaves next to Feng Jiu. She knows that Feng Jiu’s bells belong to Dong Hua and puts a sleeping spell on the fox. In three days, she’ll wake up and return to her human form. It’ll ring the bells and Dong Hua will come get her.

Bai Qian goes to the river shore. The guardian immortal appears and starts to greet her, but she forces him away with a wave of her hand – it’s to save his life. She flies up to the Donghuang Bell as it starts to open and tells Qing Cang that she will carry on her teacher’s legacy and seal him back in the bell.

Qing Cang spits a spell at her. It strikes and sends a jolt of light through the skies. Bai Zhen recognizes it as Red Lotus Hellfire.

Bai Qian manages to seal Qing Cang, but not before he curses her and sends her into the mortal world, stripping her of her memories and power.

Dong Hua visits the Donghuang Bell later during the day and finds it strange that it is still and silent when he sensed motion from it earlier. He summons the guardian immortal, who tells him that he sensed movement earlier, but when he poked his head up, an extraordinarily beautiful woman sent him back. Dong Hua asks if it was the girl who accompanied him earlier. (Ha! He thinks she’s very beautiful.) He’s puzzled when the guardian says no. The guardian shows him the flute that Feng Jiu traded for the bells. Dong Hua takes it.

Bai Qian wakes up in the mortal world with blood at her mouth and a red mark on her forehead. She spots her fan by her side, but thinks that someone must have lost it. A kitten crawls up to her. She explores a nearby abandoned bamboo house that is covered with dust. She finds a memory and looks at herself. “Who am I?” she wonders.


Again, immortals and time! You would think that three months of a hundred thousand year life would be like… three seconds of time for Sang Ji. But I guess it’s a life-changing three seconds?

Things are just starting to get interesting now. I feel like the previous few episodes were just a lot of setup and backstory for this main story, which makes sense, I suppose.

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