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Recap: Eternal Love (Ep. 9)

Sang Ji shows Shao Xin the lotus pond at the Celestial Palace and promises that he’ll make sure they can be public with their relationship if she gives him some time. Lian Song, the Third Prince, finds them there and urges Sang Ji to send Shao Xin back to Qingqiu before their father finds out. Sang Ji refuses. He’ll marry Bai Qian if he has to, but he wants to marry Shao Xin (as a second wife) as well. Lian Song is clear-eyed enough to point out that if he marries both of them, the situation will make a laughingstock of Bai Qian, suggesting that she’s no better than her maid. Shao Xin urges Sang Ji to let her go back, but Sang Ji tells Liang Song that he’s right – he can’t marry both of them so he’ll ask their father to let him break the engagement with Bai Qian.

The Celestial Monarch does not take the news well and slaps Sang Ji when he finds out. Sang Ji tells his father how he waited for a month without seeing a glimpse of Bai Qian and suggests that she looks down on the Celestial Clan, but his father doesn’t want to hear any excuses. She is the future monarch of the Fox Clan – he’ll never be able to do any better. His father already knows about Shao Xin and guesses that she’s the reason why he’s trying to back out of this marriage.

Shao Xin is brought before them and lies that she doesn’t know Sang Ji, but the Celestial Monarch orders for her to be killed anyway. Sang Ji tells his father that he must marry her. Instead of outright killing her, the Celestial Monarch orders for her to be imprisoned in the Suoyao (“demon locking”) Pagoda.

The Celestial Monarch leaves Sang Ji kneeling on the ground and tells Ye Hua (who was present in the room) that he has high expectations for him as the Crown Prince and future Celestial Monarch. He reminds him that he can have as many wives as he wants, but he must never give up his principles for a woman. His responsibility lies toward the whole world, not a woman.

He sends Ye Hua to the mortal world to deal with the Golden Lion Beast. Si Ming reminds Ye Hua not to mess with any mortal fates, or it could cause chaos.

Ye Hua lies in bed and recollects a memory from his childhood. As a reward for finishing his homework, he asked his grandfather to see his mom, but that was the one wish the Celestial Monarch refused to grant. He told Ye Hua that taking him away from his mother was for his own good – if she had raised him, he would grow up to be of weak character, which would be unbefitting of a monarch. All Ye Hua wanted was to see his mom. His grandfather told him that he’d let him see her if he became a High Immortal before the age of 20,000 years (which makes him still a child).

Ye Hua succeeded in ascending as a child, despite withstanding a particularly brutal bout of lightning, and was permitted to see his mother. Le Xu cried upon seeing her son for the first time since she gave birth to him, but was also upset to see him bloody and injured (fresh from his tribulation). Was being born in this place not a blessing, but a curse for him? To her, it was more important that he be happy than be the monarch.

That was the moment when Ye Hua decided he would wear all black. He thought it was just the sight of the blood that made his mother cry and said it was his fault for wearing light-colored clothing that showed blood. To Le Xu, that was just another sign that he’d been mistreated.

Ye Hua wakes up from a dream, which is in reality a memory from his golden lotus days, of Si Yin walking away from him. He’s greeted by Su Jin, who dotes on him as she dresses him and gossips about Sang Ji and Shao Xin – she prefers Shao Xin to Bai Qian, who has a reputation for being arrogant and who she fears would bully them if she were to enter the palace – but he ignores her and instead ponders who the person in his dream is and walks away without a word.

Sang Ji tries to see Shao Xin, but is barred from entering on his father’s orders. Lian Song helps him out and convinces the guards to let Sang Ji talk to Shao Xin. Shao Xin struggles to hold her own against the evil spirits inside the pagoda, but tells Sang Ji that other than Bai Qian, he’s the one who has treated her the best in her life. She considers it her good fortune having met him (even though she’s now here.) Sang Ji cries hearing her suffer and rushes off to do something rash, probably.

Su Jin brings Ye Hua and the Celestial Monarch some tea while they play go. The Celestial Monarch glances at Su Jin, then brings up the subject of marriage. It’s time Ye Hua had some wives of his own – does he have his eye on any women in the palace? Ye Hua says no. The Celestial Monarch chuckles at Ye Hua having no interest in women while his uncle is trying to ruin the best marriage prospect he could possibly get with his wandering eyes.

They’re interrupted by a messenger reporting that Sang Ji requests an audience with the monarch. The Celestial Monarch begrudgingly accepts the audience. Ye Hua rises to leave, but his grandfather tells him to stay.

Sang Ji seems hesitant to speak to his father in front of Ye Hua, but his father tells him that there’s nothing to be afraid of – he’ll already be the laughingstock of the world thanks to his shenanigans with Shao Xin. Sang Ji again requests that his father spare Shao Xin. The Celestial Monarch won’t change his mind; Sang Ji says that he’ll die with her. The Celestial Monarch says that he can’t stop Sang Ji from dying if he wants, but Shao Xin’s life, on the other hand, is still under his control. Sang Ji doesn’t understand why his father won’t spare Shao Xin. His father is angered that he would rebel against him and even die for a woman. He claims he’s not intentionally trying to make things difficult for Shao Xin – Sang Ji is the one who has harmed her.

Rumors of Sang Ji wanting to break the engagement have already spread across the realms. The Fox Monarch doesn’t care so much about the cancellation of the engagement; what he’s more offended by is that Sang Ji is using his daughter’s maid to embarrass her. Zhe Yan suggests that they go straight to the Celestial Palace to break off the engagement. It’s obvious that Bai Qian doesn’t want to get married either, and if they are the ones to initiate the conversation, they can even get the Celestial Clan to give them compensation.

Bai Qian has spent the past five days sleeping in the Ten-Mile Peach Grove. She looks around the grove sentimentally after her brother wakes her up. In a few days, Qing Cang will be free and she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to return after that.

She asks Bai Zhen if he ever thought about what the world would be like if Qing Cang hadn’t been sealed away 70,000 years ago. Bai Zhen says that Mo Yuan would still be alive, and as long as he was alive, then the world would be at peace.

Bai Qian asks where Feng Jiu is. Apparently she’s been missing for a few days, but Bai Zhen says that she’ll definitely be back today. It’s Bai Qian’s birthday, which apparently she herself has forgotten. Feng Jiu is more filial to Bai Qian than she is to her own father, so she’ll definitely be back.

Feng Jiu decides to cut through a forest to return to Qingqiu, but runs into the Golden Lion Beast. She tries to run away and almost flies into a tree, but the Dong Hua Emperor shows up and catches her. The Golden Lion Beast runs away.

Feng Jiu hangs onto Dong Hua even after he lowers them onto solid ground. She doesn’t recognize him at first, and after he tells her who he is, she says that he doesn’t look like the drawings she’s seen in Zhe Yan’s books. She introduces herself as a member of the Bai family; he’s surprised she would run away from a Golden Lion Beast, but guesses that she hasn’t ascended yet.

He starts to walk away without a word, but she follows, wondering how she can repay him. He doesn’t want anything from her, but she insists, having listened closely to her aunt’s lessons on karma. Dong Hua guesses that the aunt she speaks of is Bai Qian and mentions that Bai Qian has a deeply-intertwined fate with the Celestial Realm. Feng Jiu is surprised, having never heard Bai Qian mention any fate with the Celestials; in fact, Bai Qian rarely likes to talk about the Celestial Clan at all.

Feng Jiu follows Dong Hua all the way to the river between the Demon and Celestial Clans where the Donghuang Bell and Qing Cang are buried. An immortal there reports that there has been no movement with the bell in the last 70,000 years that he’s been watching. But Dong Hua has seen in the stars that something will happen soon. He gives the immortal a small bell to ring if there is any change in the Donghuang Bell; it will summon him.

Yan Zhi is with some guards on the other side of the river and spots Dong Hua, but her main goal here is to pour one out for her father. She still doesn’t know what happened with Li Yuan, only that he’s disappeared. Li Jing, on the other hand, is not the same person he used to be. He’s refused to come visit the bell out of resentment for what their father did to his mother. She asks for Qing Cang’s blessing in finding Li Yuan.

Inside the Donghuang Bell, Qing Cang opens his eyes.

Lian Song tells Ye Hua that despite all the challenges he’s faced in his cultivation so far, he still is not perfect in his uncles’ eyes. He’s missing experience in love. Lian Song asks what Ye Hua thinks of Sang Ji’s situation – Ye Hua thinks he’s just making things difficult for himself – then asks what he would do if he were in the same situation. What would he do if he had to marry Bai Qian, a woman who doesn’t care for him? Ye Hua responds that it doesn’t matter who it is, if the Celestial Monarch told him to marry her, he would do it.

Lian Song asks if he really means that. He’s trying to think of ways to help save Sang Ji. Ye Hua is the only person who could take Sang Ji’s place without it being an insult to the Fox Clan. Ye Hua readily agrees. He doesn’t care that Bai Qian is 90,000 years older than him.

Zhe Yan and the Fox Monarch meet with the Celestial Monarch and suggest that they cancel the marriage between the two clans, but the Celestial Monarch doesn’t want to.


These cuts in the episodes are very strange. I wonder if they aired this way or if this is just how the online episodes are arranged. For example, I feel like it would be a great ending if the episode ended with Qing Cang opening his eyes. Instead, we just seem to… cut off in the middle of a scene? I guess I’m just used to cliffhangers from watching so many K-dramas lately.

I need a calculator for how to convert immortal years to human years. Like if you’re 20,000 years old and you’re still a child, when do you become a teen or adult? Though I guess because they live for so long, once you become an “adult” you’re just kind of an adult… forever? That’s why age gaps don’t really matter?


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