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Recap: Suddenly This Summer (Ep. 23)


He Luo boards a plane to go to America. She didn’t let anyone come with her to the airport, not even her parents, but calls Tian Xin on the plane. Zhang Yuan writes a text to He Luo, telling her he believes in her and wishing her well. Meanwhile, she looks at his contact info in her phone and moves to delete it. He ends up deleting his text without sending it and she ends up hitting “confirm” to delete his number. He listens to that old high school recording of He Luo speaking English.


That night, Zhang Yuan gets drunk. Yun Wei is waiting for him on his walk home and demands to know how he can just let He Luo go like that. She doesn’t want them to end up unhappy like her, but now feels like their friend group is falling apart. He broke up with He Luo and Chang Feng ran away.

He doesn’t say anything and just stumbles off. Yun Wei shouts after him, saying that he’ll forever regret breaking up with He Luo.


A year later, He Luo is a graduate student in America and known for being hard-working and stand-offish. At night, she walks by a book stand and spots a copy of Summer Records on sale. She thinks about how she hasn’t read manga in a long time. She runs into Feng Xiao as she leaves and they catch up over drinks.

He Luo thinks it’s a coincidence that they ran into each other in America, but Feng Xiao says that he specifically chose to attend this school because he knew He Luo would be there. He Luo invites him to a small birthday get-together at her place next week.

Feng Xiao brings He Luo flowers for her birthday, then takes care to put some food into her bowl as they eat. This doesn’t escape the notice of He Luo’s two friends. One of them, Shu Ge, takes the opportunity to bring up He Luo’s dating life, saying it’s been a while since He Luo dated but she should start looking now.


A year later, Zhang Yuan is now in Beijing with a new hairstyle, fancy suit, and nice car. On his morning commute, he hears a radio announcement about Le Yi releasing their highly-anticipated game war/battle arena game NoN (presumably the game they stole from Zhang Yuan).

It turns out that Zhang Yuan has had some luck of his own and has quickly risen within the ranks of a gaming company called Loong Entertainment. He’s ambitious, demanding, and willing to take risks, and speaks directly with his CEO on the topic of battle arena games. Le Yi has beaten them to the market, but Zhang Yuan is convinced that they can get an American gaming company to bring the second version of their game to China instead of trying to develop their own in-house tech. He volunteers to personally go to America to see the deal through.

Zhang Yuan gets frustrated when it turns out a game he’s heading development for still has some glitches when it’s supposed to be ready for release. He’s about to refuse an interview candidate because he needs to solve this problem, but then sees that it’s Zhang Wei Rui. She conveniently is able to help him fix the glitch.

They chat a bit about where they’ve been the past year. It seems like Zhang Yuan really lucked out with his CEO, who even repaid all his debts for him. Zhang Yuan asks why Wei Rui so coincidentally came to interview for his company. She claims that she’s just interested in their games, but looks away — there’s probably more to her decision than just pure interest in the company’s product.

Wei Rui notices that Zhang Yuan has two clocks in his office. One is set to the current time and one is set to a different time zone. She asks why, then realizes the answer. She asks what happens to him and his girlfriend and he says that she’s not his girlfriend anymore.


Feng Xiao regularly drives He Luo to and from the lab in his car. He has a trip to go on the next day and He Luo says that she can go to the lab herself, but he insists on driving her. Meanwhile, Zhang Yuan makes a visit back to his high school and nostalgically visits all the places he had been with He Luo.

That night, He Luo makes some ramen for herself late at night, but is so tired that she falls asleep with the stove on. Her pot boils over and puts out the flame, releasing carbon monoxide into her apartment. She collapses from carbon monoxide poisoning. Luckily, Feng Xiao arrives early the next morning to drive her to the lab and finds her. She hallucinates that it’s actually Zhang Yuan there to save her.


Later, they go back to her apartment. He Luo is still dizzy and collapses when she tries to stand up on her own. Feng Xiao insists on staying with her a few days to help her recover. He bluntly says that this situation is helping him get closer to his goal: his goal of being more than just a friend.


Wei Rui quickly proves herself to be useful and capable at the company. She warns Zhang Yuan about how difficult it is to try to strike a deal with American companies. He doesn’t seem as concerned as she is. They head off to a business meeting. While in the car, Wei Rui texts Fu Peng to see if he knows “Director Zhu”.

Yun Wei is working as some sort of translator or English-speaking assistant when she thinks she spots Chang Feng working on the street while in a car. Later she goes by to see if anyone there knows Chang Feng, but is unsuccessful.


Zhang Yuan runs into Tian Xin in the lobby of a building he has a meeting in. It turns out Cheng Jie is also working in the same building and they all catch up over coffee. Tian Xin blames Chang Feng for Zhang Yuan’s fall from grace, but Zhang Yuan doesn’t have as hard feelings. None of them have heard from Chang Feng, but have heard that his family went bankrupt.

Tian Xin teases Zhang Yuan about Wei Rui, but Zhang Yuan says he has no time to think about things like that. She pointedly says that he doesn’t even have time to ask how He Luo is doing. She tells him that He Luo is doing well, then asks if he really won’t try to talk to her anymore. He says it’s enough for him to know that she’s happy. Tian Xin tries to push the matter of He Luo some more, but Wei Rui comes to get Zhang Yuan, saying that they have to go to their meeting.



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